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Wisconsin Unions vs. The Tea Party: A Classic Double Standard

ABC, CBS and NBC Repeatedly Denounced "Incivility" from the Tea Party, but Not a Peep About Nasty Signs from Union Protesters

CBS Declares Wisconsin Union Protests 'Tea Party Movement for the Left'

Discussing the union protests in Wisconsin with political analyst John Dickerson on Monday's CBS Early Show, co-host Chris Wragge noted: "You talk about this being a potential Tea Party movement ...

CBS Hypes: Obama on Same Side as Tea Party on Budget Cuts

On Thursday's CBS Early Show, senior White House correspondent Bill Plante seized on a rare instance in which the Obama administration and conservative members of Congress happened to agree on a ...

CBS Touts 'GOP Power Struggle' in Congress and 'Infighting' at CPAC

During a report on Friday's CBS Early Show, congressional correspondent Nancy Cordes emphasized division in the new Republican Congress: "The prospect of a mutiny had sent Republican leaders ...

Chris Matthews Rants: The 'Tea-Bag' Conservatives Don't Get Complexity of Egypt Crisis

Chris Matthews on Thursday used the ongoing developments in Egypt as a way to bash conservatives, deriding the "tea-bag" types who don't fully grasp the situation.

The Times Sticks Up for Earmarks Again

Newly minted anti-earmark conservatives are facing a backlash, says Jennifer Steinhauer: "Tensions are particularly acute in districts where new conservative lawmakers, many of whom criticized ...

Zeleny Overdoses on 'Conservatives' in CPAC Preview

"In the wake of sweeping Republican victories in last year's Congressional elections, where Tea Party supporters rewarded candidates who pledged to uphold fiscally conservative principles and ...

Kevin Sack on the 'Tea Party' Ruling on Obama-Care

The Times health reporter characterizes Judge Roger Vinson's ruling Obama-care as unconstitutional in ideological terms, but fails to label opponents of the ruling as liberal.

CBS's Cordes: Tea Party Causing 'Heartburn' for GOP

Reporting on the creation of a Senate Tea Party Caucus on Thursday's CBS Evening News, congressional correspondent Nancy Cordes declared that while "Conservative crusader Jim Demint, and the ...

CBS: 'Militant' Tea Partiers Create 'Chasm' in GOP

Prior to President Obama's State of the Union address Tuesday night, CBS Evening News anchor Katie Couric wondered what the message of the midterm elections was, to which political analyst Jeff ...
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