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CBS's Schieffer Grills GOP Pols on Violence; Asks DNC Chair About 'Safety' of Dems

Host Bob Schieffer led Sunday's Face the Nation by fretting over opposition to the passage of ObamaCare: "What about the violence in the wake of the congressional action? Isolated incidents or ...

The Media's Public Enemy No. 1: Critics of ObamaCare (Video Compilation)

Since the passage of ObamaCare on March 21, the liberal media have been working hard to crack down on dissidents, painting the tea party movement, talk radio, and Republicans as dangerous radicals ...

The 5 Craziest Attacks on Tea Parties

From Homophobic Slurs to Nazis, left and media love to hate.

Selective Outrage, Bogus Claims of Violence Used Against Tea Parties

Media, liberals try to shut down opposition with outlandish attacks.

Prominent Republican Gets Actual Death Threat, NYT Suddenly Drops Concern Over Threatening Protesters

After devoting several stories to unsubstantiated allegations of racial epithets by Tea Party protesters last weekend, the New York Times almost ignored an actual death threat made against a top ...

After Bashing Palin for 'Dem Hit List,' MSNBC's Shuster Highlights Liberal PAC 'Targeting' Tea Party Candidates

n the 10AM ET hour on MSNBC on Tuesday, anchor David Shuster talked with Democratic strategist Craig Varoga, founder of the Patriot Majority political action committee, about efforts to "fight ...

CBS Analyst: Dems Hope Tea Party Becomes 'Stain' on GOP

On Monday's CBS Early Show, co-host Maggie Rodriguez asked political analyst and writer for the left-leaning blog, John Dickerson, if Democrats were "worried" about the "ton of momentum" ...

NYT Ponders: Weather Underground, Tea Party Movement Just 'Varying Degrees of Rage'

Domestic terrorist group Weather Underground and the peaceful anti-tax protesters of the Tea Party movement - just "varying degrees of rage," according to a photo caption accompanying Benedict ...

Weather Underground, Tea Party Movement: Just 'Varying Degrees of Rage'?

Domestic terrorists Weather Underground and peaceful anti-tax protesters of the Tea Party movement - just "varying degrees of rage" according to a photo caption accompanying Benedict Carey's story.

Zernike Strikes Again: 'Emotion Outweighs Fact' Among Tea Party Hypocrites

Kate Zernike: "[Tea Party organizer Jeff McQueen] and others do not see any contradictions in their arguments for smaller government even as they argue that it should do more to prevent job loss ...
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