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NBC Panel Scolds Prince Harry: 'Why Do You Need to Antagonize the Taliban?'

During a panel discussion on Wednesday's NBC Today, attorney Star Jones and the network's chief medical editor Nancy Snyderman hyperventilated over Britain's Prince Harry revealing in ...
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YouTube Blocks ‘Anti-Mohammed’ Video, Not Taliban Terror Videos

Site limits ‘Innocence of Muslims’ in Islamic countries but allows video of lethal attack on American base.
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Maureen Dowd Assaults Paul Ryan as 'Fresh Face on a Taliban Creed'

Be warned, ladies, says Times columnist Maureen Dowd. Paul Ryan may look cute, "But he’s just a fresh face on a Taliban creed -- the evermore antediluvian, anti-women, anti-immigrant, anti-gay ...
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Taliban Terrorism Poetry Gets June Release in U.S.

Reviewer claims poetry will make Westerners ‘forget which side they are supposed to be on.’

Tom Friedman's Latest Silliness: U.S. Military 'Out-Greening' Al Qaeda and the Taliban

Yes, he's serious: "at a time when a fraudulent, anti-science campaign funded largely by Big Oil and Big Coal has blocked Congress from passing any clean energy/climate bill - is the fact that the ...

Controversial Video Game Only Renames Taliban, 'Opposition Forces'

EA's 'Medal of Honor' fails to remove divisive enemy combatant multi-player option.

Video Game Option to Play as Taliban Sparks Military Ban

'Medal of Honor' won't be sold on bases, leaders raise sensitivity concerns over multiplayer mode.

Double Standards on Playing Video Game Villains? Taliban OK, German Soldiers No

Times video game reviewer Seth Schiesel claimed criticism of a game enabling one to play a Talbian fighter against U.S. troops was based on a misunderstanding of what video games are. But how did ...

CBS Analyst: Taliban Treats Prisoners Better Than U.S.

In reaction to a propaganda video of the Taliban holding an American soldier hostage in Afghanistan, on Monday's CBS Early Show, terrorism analyst Jere Van Dyk argued: "What they [the Taliban] are ...

The Times Actually Kept a Secret. Who Knew?

Secrecy was rightly considered vital when it came to the security of Times journalist David Rohde - yet on two occasions the Times turned a deaf ear to pleas from the Bush White House that ...
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