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CNN Smears Reagan Legacy; Touts 'A Lot of People Who Were Suffering' Under Reagan

CNN's Suzanne Malveaux and Carol Costello teamed up to throw water on what they saw to be a mythical legacy of President Reagan.

CNN Hosts Liberal Activists Who Bash Santorum, Gingrich for 'Verbal War Against the Poor'

Hosting two far-left activists, CNN's Suzanne Malveaux teed them up with "controversial" quotes from Republican presidential hopefuls that she said "people found quite offensive and strange."

CNN's Malveaux Tells Van Jones He'd Be 'Good Spokesperson' for Occupy Movement

By noon on Wednesday, CNN had already hosted a Wall Street protester and a leftist "community organizer" to talk about the Occupy Wall Street movement. Anchor Suzanne Malveaux then interviewed Van ...

CNN Segment Hypes 'Diversity' of Occupy Seattle

CNN used an "In Depth" segment on Tuesday to emphasize the diversity among protesters at Occupy Seattle, featuring a rapper, a group of "Raging Grannies," drummers and more.

CBS, CNN Cater to Rep. Waters, Omit Ongoing Ethics Investigation

Both CBS's Early Show and CNN's Newsroom sought out Rep. Maxine Waters on Monday for her reaction to President Obama's "stop complaining" rejoinder to the Congressional Black Caucus on Saturday, ...

CNN's 'Expert on Extremism': 'Radical Right' Bigger Threat Than Jihadis

Mark Potok of the left-wing Southern Poverty Law Center claimed on Monday's Newsroom on CNN that radical Islam wasn't "our biggest domestic terror threat," that instead, "that pretty clearly comes ...

CNN's Malveaux Endorses Reporter's Question from the Left to Obama

CNN's Suzanne Malveaux complimented a media colleague on Tuesday's Newsroom who hit President Obama from the left that morning. April Ryan cited the liberal Congressional Black Caucus's criticism ...

CNN: 'Hardcore Conservatives' Meet in DC; Reagan 'Most Secular' President

CNN's Suzanne Malveaux led Friday's Situation Room by labeling the social conservative Value Voters Summit a "traditional showcase for hardcore conservatives." Later in the same segment, senior ...

CNN's Toobin: Judge's Ruling a 'Major Setback for Stem Cell Research'

On Monday's Situation Room, CNN's Jeffrey Toobin used dire language to describe a federal judge's decision which struck down federal funding for embryonic stem cell research: "The bottom line is ...

CNN Again Omits Pro-Illegal Immigration Stance of 'Public Defender'

On Wednesday's Newsroom, CNN's Tony Harris omitted the pro-illegal immigration activism of guest Isabel Garcia, just as his colleague Suzanne Malveaux did more than two months earlier. Harris ...
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