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Broadcast Nets Panic over Second-Guessing of Obama Administration's Chrysler/Fiat Deal

ABC, CBS and NBC warn government-structured deal for automaker was in danger over temporary delay.

NYT Continues to Probe Sotomayor's Racial Rulings

Legal reporter Adam Liptak hints that the decision Judge Sotomayor and her two appeals court colleagues reached in the reverse discrimination case Ricci v. DeStefano was flawed and unprofessional.

ABC's Shipman: Sotomayor Is No 'Elite Liberal Judicial Philosopher'

On Sunday's This Week, ABC correspondent Claire Shipman claimed it would be "very hard"" for Republicans to label Supreme Court nominee Sonia Sotomayor a liberal. That was too much even for ...

CNN Weirdly Attempts to Rationalize Sotomayor's 'Wise Latina' Remark As Discourse on Pig's Feet

On Thursday's 10am ET Newsroom, CNN sought to give "context" to Supreme Court nominee Sonia Sotomayor's infamous "wise Latinas" remark. To rationalize and explain Sotomayor's ethnic argument, ...

Politico Writer Defends Sotomayor's Crack On White Males Being Worse Judges

Politico's Roger Simon complained about the White House backpedaling on Supreme Court nominee Sonia Sotomayor's declaration that a "wise Latina woman" makes better decisions than a white male: "We ...

While Obama "Trying to Bring People Together," GOP Dredges Up "Ugly Culture and Race Wars"

White House reporter Sheryl Gay Stolberg laments GOP attacks on Sotomayor: "And also I think that it's important to note that this comes in the broader context of race relations in this country, ...

Bob Herbert Wakes Up, Smells the Racism in GOP Opposition to Sotomayor

Sonia Sotomayor's no racist, but just about everyone in the Republican party is, says the Times liberal columnist.

Paul Krugman's Double Standards on Controversial Race Comments

The left-wing columnist excoriated Trent Lott in 2002 for allegedly racist remarks at the 100th birthday party for retiring Sen. Strom Thurmond - but dismissed Sotomayor's claim suggesting ethnic ...

Surprise: The Times Actually Brings Up Sotomayor Racial Controversy

After several stories praising Sonia Sotomayor, Friday's front-page finally upturned some fertile ground for criticism: "Nominee's Links With Advocates Fuel Her Critics - Support For Bias Cases - ...

Kantor Lauds Sotomayor: She Speaks to Cafeteria Workers, in Spanish!

Jodi Kantor: "What was so powerful in Adam Nagourney's story was the visual of having this bank of white male senators grill in a possibly antagonistic way the first Latina woman nominated to ...
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