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CBS's O'Donnell: Court Striking Down ObamaCare 'Might Be Better for the President'

On Sunday's Face The Nation, Norah O'Donnell desperately tried to find a silver lining for President Obama if the Supreme Court ends up striking down his health care law. While her fellow ...
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How Would a Consistent News Media Cover a Supreme Court Ruling Against ObamaCare?

How the media might cover a Supreme Court ruling tossing out ObamaCare remains to be seen, but the MRC studied how the networks covered multiple Court rulings tossing out key elements of George W. ...
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Liptak's Latest Odd NYTimes Attack on the Supreme Court Before a Crucial Decision

Another day, another out-of-nowhere attack by New York Times reporter Adam Liptak on the Supreme Court, as it waits to hear a case important to liberals. "Nine times so far this year, the ...
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As Obama-Care Decision Looms, NYTimes Front Odd Poll Saying Conservative Decisions Have Hurt SCOTUS's Status

Supreme Court reporter Adam Liptak blames two Supreme Court decisions hated by the Times for the alleged decline in people's trust in the Court: "The decline in the court’s standing may stem in ...
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Former NYT Editor Keller Cheers Gay Marriage at Supreme Court, Praises 'Enlightened States' Where It's Legal

Former New York Times executive editor Bill Keller cheers on gay marriage in his latest column on the issue's prospects at the Supreme Court: "....If that lesbian or gay couple in Mississippi or ...
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Lies My Textbooks Told Me: Judging Recent Supreme Court Justices

Textbooks attack Reagan and Bush Supreme Court nominees, label moderate justices as 'conservatives.'
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NYT's SCOTUS Reporter Greenhouse Quotes Robert Frost to Shame Justices on AZ Immigration Law

Greenhouse: "....what finally came through as most deeply troubling was this: the failure of any participant in the argument, justice or advocate for either side, to affirm the simple ...
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NYT's Preston Again Points to Protests to Suggest AZ Immigration Law Unpopular, Ignoring Actual Poll Data

What Julia Preston reported in today's New York Times: "In Washington and around the country, protests against Arizona were far more numerous than public actions in support. Demonstrators in ...
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NYT SCOTUS Reporter Linda Greenhouse Still Insists Obama-Care Opponents Don't Have "Much of an Argument"

The former New York Times Supreme Court reporter again defends Obama-care, even after it was knocked around during Supreme Court argument: "Personally, I think I agree with many constitutional ...
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NBC Accuses Federal Judge of Bringing Politics Into Courtroom By Questioning Obama

On Wednesday's NBC Nightly News, anchor Brian Williams accused a federal judge of bringing politics into the judicial process simply by ordering the Justice Department to explain controversial ...
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