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MSNBC's Sharpton Lauds ObamaCare on Anniversary of 'Historic Victory' in Supreme Court

On the Friday, June 28, PoliticsNation on MSNBC, host Al Sharpton marked the anniversary of the Supreme Court ruling in favor of ObamaCare, and gave the program credit for helping consumers. ...
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MSNBC's Hayes Celebrates 'Sweet, Sweet Victory' of Gay Marriage Ruling

On Wednesday's All In show on MSNBC, host Chris Hayes opened the program rejoicing over the "sweet, sweet victory" of the Supreme Court ruling against the federal Defense of Marriage Act, calling ...
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'Today' Show Panel Praises Pop Culture Being 'Ahead of the Courts' on Gay Marriage

Leading off a panel discussion on Thursday's NBC Today applauding the Supreme Court's gay marriage decisions, co-host Natalie Morales proclaimed: "Wednesday's historic ruling on same-sex ...
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Rainbow Rapture: Networks Cheer Gay Marriage Rulings with 86 Percent Favorable Coverage

Wall-to-wall celebratory coverage on ABC, CBS and NBC.  
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NBC Cheers Gay 'Vindication': 'Day San Francisco's Castro District Has Been Waiting For'

Celebrating Wednesday's Supreme Court rulings in favor of gay marriage, on Thursday's NBC Today, correspondent Gabe Gutierrez reported live from San Francisco city hall and announced: "In one of ...
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No Objectivity Needed: Robin Roberts Thrilled Over 'Wonderful' 'Jubilation' at Gay Marriage Win

The journalists at Good Morning America seem to have decided that the gay marriage debate no longer has two sides. On Thursday, co-anchor Robin Roberts opened the program by spinning Wednesday's ...
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NBC Reporter Gushes: Gay Marriage Rulings 'Very Personally Satisfying' for Obama

Reporting from the White House lawn during NBC's live coverage of the Supreme Court's rulings in favor of gay marriage on Wednesday, correspondent Peter Alexander touted how the decisions were ...
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Chris Matthews Compares Gavin Newsom to Executed Civil War-Era Abolitionist, America Is Now 'Half Slave'

Though Chris Matthews was happy with Wednesday's Supreme Court rulings in support of gay marriage, the liberal host still used hyperbolic rhetoric to describe the state of the country and the ...
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ABC: Screw Objectivity, We're for Gay Marriage; GMA Hosts Celebrate On-Air

The personalities hosting Good Morning America made little effort to hide their joy over the Supreme Court's gay marriage ruling, Wednesday. During live coverage of the rulings on the west coast ...
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NBC Legal Analyst Heralds 'Sweeping Historic Decision for Gay Rights'; Praises 'Pro-Civil Rights Bloc' of Liberal Justices

During live coverage of the Supreme Court's gay marriage rulings on Wednesday, NBC legal analyst Lisa Bloom could barely contain her enthusiasm at the decisions overturning the Defense of ...
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