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Networks Keeping Viewers In the Dark on Solyndra Scandal

ABC, CBS and NBC Bury News of Taxpayer Money Squandered on Obama-Linked Solar Energy Company

NBC's David Gregory Worries Obama Didn't Exploit Economic Crisis Enough to Push Big Govt.

Interviewing Chicago Mayor and former Obama chief of staff Rahm Emanuel on Sunday's Meet the Press, host David Gregory fretted over the 2009 stimulus not being big enough: "Do you think this ...

Calmes Likes Obama's 'Progressive' Stimulus, 'Scrappy' Attitude, and Boehner-Blaming

It's all Boehner's fault: "But their relationship was severely strained after Mr. Boehner abandoned their budget talks in July, came back and then walked out a second time. And after what the ...

CNN's AM Hosts '08 Obama Supporter to Discuss Boehner's Jobs Plan - But Had No Conservative Expert On for Obama's Plan

CNN's American Morning brought on liberal academic Jeffrey Sachs to analyze Speaker Boehner's jobs plan Friday. Instead of hosting a conservative critic of President Obama the morning after he ...

Calmes Sees Obama's Plan as Job Creator, Warns Stubborn GOP 'Could Lose the House'

White House reporter Jackie Calmes praises Obama's latest liberal "stimulus" plan, and warns Republicans on TV: "...if the Republicans are seen as standing in the way of anything, they could be in ...

CNN's Velshi: Stimulus Didn't Fail

CNN's business guru Ali Velshi argued that the stimulus did not fail, in a testy exchange Monday with CNN contributor Dana Loesch that followed President Obama's jobs plan speech.

Media Embrace $300 Billion Jobs Rerun

Obama prepares to do more of the same and networks are ready to say 'yes we can.'

Here We Go Again: Networks Back Obama 'Replay' on Infrastructure Spending, Stimulus

President and media stuck on repeat, but ABC, CBS, NBC won't admit it; argue for more money to fix roads, bridges.

Calmes Ignores Hoffa's'Take These Son of a Bitches Out' Tea Party Attack at Obama Rally

Obama, still not to blame: "The president's Labor Day addresses trace the stubbornness of the crisis he inherited....a Democratic-controlled Congress had passed his two-year, $800 billion stimulus ...

With Job Growth at Zero, Calmes Still Insists Obama's 'Stimulus' Worked

Reporter Jackie Calmes, still cheerleading for Obama's "economic stimulus" plan: "Nonpartisan analysts and the Congressional Budget Office have credited the first stimulus package with helping to ...
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