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Obama the Compromiser vs. Pig-Headed Republicans

CBS fawns over Obama ("It seems to be all the compromising is being done by you...") while blaming Republicans for "much of the gridlock" in DC. Also, Chris Matthews suggests nominating Gingrich ...

CBS Omits Waterboarding, Other Key Issues from Obama Interview

On Sunday's 60 Minutes, CBS's Steve Kroft failed to bring up key issues related to the killing of Osama bin Laden during an interview of President Obama. Most prominently, Kroft omitted the ...

CBS 'Early Show' Touted Softest Part of Obama '60 Minutes' Interview, Ignored Tough Questions

On Friday, CBS's Early Show previewed President Obama's upcoming 60 Minutes interview by showing a clip of the softest moment of the exchange and skipping over a series of more challenging ...

Sneak Peek: CBS's Kroft Sympathizes With Obama in Soft '60 Minutes' Interview

In a preview of President Obama's upcoming 60 Minutes interview on Friday's CBS Early Show, correspondent Steve Kroft is shown commiserating with the commander-in-chief over midterm election ...

CBS's Kroft Whines Over Dick Cheney, Karl Rove Not Appearing on '60 Minutes'

While attending the Radio Television Digital News Association conference in Las Vegas on Monday, 60 Minutes correspondent Steve Kroft spoke to a crowd of young journalists and claimed that his ...

CBS: Obama West Point Speech 'Contradictory;' Health Care Bill 'Incomprehensible'

In an unusually tough interview with President Obama on Sunday's 60 Minutes on CBS, correspondent Steve Kroft described the President's West Point speech as being "greeted with a great deal of ...

'60 Minutes' Segment Explores the Ideas of Rationing, 'Pulling the Plug on Grandma'

'Cost of Death' segment tackles hard questions, ignores how government caused current problems.

60 Minutes Gives Obama Yet Another Platform, At Least Challenges Him a Bit

60 Minutes gave President Obama at least his fourth platform since his election, and while Steve Kroft framed the segment around how Obama "seemed confident that he had succeeded" in his ...

Networks Back Big Three Bailout

As with mortgage bailout, broadcast news outlets support government rescue of failing auto makers.

Greed Isn't Good, But It Isn't That Bad, Either

Media refrain used to demonize business, promote standard liberal talking points.
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