George Stephanopoulos: Should Threat of Koran Burning Make Us Rethink First Amendment?

George Stephanopoulos on Tuesday wondered if a Florida pastor's threat to burn a Koran could "change" and "challenge" the meaning of the First Amendment. Talking to Stephen Breyer, he speculated, ...

Brian Williams Relitigates Bush v Gore, Pushes Breyer to Elaborate on Irreparable Harm

On Monday, NBC anchor Brian Williams brought viewers back to the Left's ten-year-old grudge, cuing up Supreme Court Justice Stephen Breyer to agree: "Do you think Bush v Gore hurt the credibility ...

Washington Post Displays Labeling Bias Over Recent Supreme Court Picks

The Washington Post front page for May 27 announces the Sonia Sotomayor nomination with this large headline: "First Latina Picked for Supreme Court; GOP Faces Delicate Task in Opposition." There's ...

CNN's Jeff Toobin: Sotomayor a 'Moderate Liberal, Like Ginsburg and Breyer'

CNN senior legal analyst Jeffrey Toobin on Tuesday twice labeled President Obama's Supreme Court nominee Sonia Sotomayor a "moderate liberal."

The Obscenity Blackout

The Supreme Court ruled on the case of ABC, CBS, NBC, and Fox all suing the federal government for the right to drop F-bombs and S-bombs on young children.
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