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CBS Yawns as ObamaCare Mandate Goes Into Effect; ABC Trumpets 'Important Day for Women's Health'

On its Wednesday evening and Thursday morning newscasts, CBS didn't file one report or news brief on the controversial federal abortifacient/contraception mandate going into effect. Even worse, ...
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CBS Promotes Colbert Likening Romney's Leadership of Bain to Cannibalistic Donner Party

Left-wing comedian Stephen Colbert smeared Mitt Romney on his Comedy Central program on Monday, hinting that Bain Capital under his helm acted like a group of 19th century settlers that resorted ...
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Colbert's Campus Coddlers

Parents are now paying tens of thousands of dollars to colleges each year for their children to skateboard around boring old Aristotle and Locke and to study smirking liberal TV wise-crackers.
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Colbertian Studies: WaPo Highlights Academia’s Obsession with Comedian

Scholarly papers examine Colbert’s theology, philosophy, politics.
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Trip Gabriel Digs Spurs In, Takes Ann Romney's Horse Story for Another Pointless Lap

New York Times reporter Trip Gabriel enlisted Daily Show comedian Stephen Colbert to mock the Romney campaign, specifically Ann Romney's interest in the sport of equestrian dressage: "As the wife ...
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NBC's Gregory Cheers Influence of Liberal Colbert: 'You Have a Real Impact on This Race'

In a fawning interview with liberal comedian Stephen Colbert on Friday's NBC Today, fill-in co-host David Gregory gushed over the Comedy Central host being a factor in the 2012 presidential ...
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