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Daily Beast Celebrates ‘Triumph’ of Soccer’s ‘Samoan Caitlyn’

Being uncomfortable with transgenderism is ‘sexual bigotry.’
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Shhhh! Tim Howard’s a Christian

ABC, CBS and NBC leave out one crucial detail from hero soccer player’s life.
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Media Leave Liberal Soros’s Politics Aside in News of Manchester United Buy

Left-wing billionaire George Soros acquires minority share of popular English soccer team, but his politics goes unmentioned.

For Second Day in Row, Times Blames Right-Leaning French President for Soccer Team's Travails

The Times aims another penalty kick right at Nicolas Sarkozy: "Fadela Amara, the junior minister for the racially charged suburbs who was born to Algerian parents, warned on Tuesday that the ...

Confirmed: Everything in France is Officially President Sarkozy's Fault

French socialists blame right-of-center president Nicolas Sarkozy for the team's World Cup failure, and Jere Longman appears to take them seriously: "Some opposition politicians said the players' ...

Obama Wants $50 Billion more for Stimulus, Networks Nearly Silent

Broadcast news devotes 38 times more coverage to World Cup than presidential push to bailout police, firemen, teachers.

Media Make Selling Soccer a Goal

If it's a World Cup year, it's time for media to demand Americans embrace soccer.
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