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Sheryl Gay Stolberg

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NY Times Lauds New Play on the 'Signature Triumph' of Jimmy Carter and His 'Rehabilitation' Efforts

New York Times writer Sheryl Gay Stolberg on Thursday highlighted glowing supporters of Jimmy Carter as she promoted a new Broadway play about the life of the former president. Stolberg parroted ...
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Emotional Anecdotes Trump Reasonable Arguments in NYT's Gun Coverage

When it comes to pushing gun control, the New York Times reliably relied on emotional outbursts over reasonable argument every time. Sheryl Gay Stolberg quoted an activist removed from the Senate ...
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The NY Times Finds Another Republican for Gay Marriage...Ronald Reagan?

Sheryl Gay Stolberg trumpets the latest Republican to back gay marriage: "As Republican politicians wrestle with same-sex marriage, the daughter of a party icon -- former President Ronald Reagan ...
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A New York Times Blessing for Gay Activist Lawyer Mary Bonauto, '...a Woman Making History'

Times reporter Sheryl Gay Stolberg bestowed a blessing on the "serious and unassuming" Mary Bonauto, a lawyer for Gay and Lesbian Advocates and Defenders (GLAD): "In Fight for Marriage ...
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New York Times: 'The Southern Poverty Law Center, Which Fights Intolerance...'

A front-page Times profile of Brian Brown, president of the National Organization for Marriage, which fights gay marriage legislation, was actually fair until reporter Sheryl Gay Stolberg's ...
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Front-Page NYT Praise for Obama's 'Cliff' Negotiator, 'Policy Nerd' Who 'Morphs Into a Warrior' Defending the Poor

Obama the spending cutter and pragmatist? Since when? Sheryl Gay Stolberg chimed: "Like Mr. Obama, [Jacob] Lew is a pragmatist; one person familiar with his thinking said he had previously ...
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NYT's Stolberg Finds Abortion 'Vexing' for Romney-Ryan, But Biden's Planned Parenthood Flub Ignored

Reporter Sheryl Gay Stolberg delivered a "Check Point" on Saturday on "just how vexing the abortion issue has become for Mitt Romney and his running mate." But what about Joe Biden's gaffe, ...
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NYTimes Obit Proves It: Left Still Won't Forgive Sen. Specter for Being Mean to Anita Hill

Sheryl Gay Stolberg's obituary for Sen. Arlen Specter shows liberals and the Times have yet to forgive the liberal Republican for being so mean to feminist icon Anita Hill: "The Thomas ...
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NYTimes 'Takes Issue' With Santorum's Catholic Faith, Which Is Not Open to the 'Modern Era'

The New York Times gets a left-wing hater of the Catholic hierarchy to disparage Rick Santorum: "Many Catholics take issue with Mr. Santorum’s approach to their faith. Mr. Santorum, polls show, ...
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