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CBS Hails 'True Compromise' on Budget; Hypes Opposition from 'Some Conservatives'

Nancy Cordes heralded the proposed budget deal from Rep. Paul Ryan and Senator Patty Murray as a "true compromise" on Wednesday's CBS This Morning, and asserted that "the reason it's so important ...
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CNN Asks If Sequester 'Put Lives at Risk' at Navy Yard

Three times on Tuesday morning, CNN mentioned sequester cuts as a possible culprit behind the security breach at the Navy Yard that led to Monday's shooting there. A CNN headline actually read ...
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NYT Front-Page 'News': Federal Aid Recipients Replacing 'Prayers of Hope With Efforts to Cope'

New York Times reporter Jonathan Weisman tries his hand at rhyme to build sympathy for sequestration victms in a front-page story. "....many recipients of federal money have replaced prayers of ...
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After Snarling at Business Fliers as 'People With Money,' NYT Releases Special Business Travel Section

The New York Times devoted a special section to business travel, with sympathetic articles like "Dispatches From the Foxholes of Business Travel." But do the travelers the Times is catering to ...
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Bitter NYT Laments 'Gift to Travelers,' 'People With Money' as GOP Stops Politically Motivated Flight Delays

Times reporter Jonathan Weisman is bitter over a Republican sequester victory that will end flight delays caused by FAA furloughs: "The action also brought charges that lawmakers known for ...
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Networks All Adopt Obama's Talking Points: President Is Expressing 'Solidarity' With Workers

All three networks on Wednesday and Thursday parroted the exact same talking points from the White House, touting Barack Obama for expressing "solidarity" with struggling workers by taking a ...
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NY Times Calls Tiny Sequestration Cuts to 'Vital' Programs 'the Worst,' Hurtful to Economic Growth

The original online headline to a budget legislation story likely captured what reporters Jonathan Weisman and Annie Lowrey wanted to say: "Plan That Would Spare Vital Programs Is Expected to ...
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NY Times Columnist Krugman Bashes 'Radical...Fanatical' GOP on PBS's Smiley Show

Times columnist Paul Krugman bashed the GOP as radical on fellow lefty Tavis Smiley's PBS talk show, bashing Republicans while complaining the American people have not yet become "sufficiently ...
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NY Times Lead Story Warns That Overblown Sequestration 'Could Put a Stop' to Job Growth

Fear the fizzled sequester, Nelson Schwartz and Binyamin Appelbaum warn in the lead slot of the Times: "The economy picked up speed in February, creating jobs at a pace that would substantially ...
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NY Times Sees 'Austerity,' "Poor May Be Hit Particularly Hard' by 'Painful and Stupid' Sequestration

The perils and victims of the round of the mandatory federal spending cuts known as sequestration led the New York Times' weekend coverage, with the 2.4% cut in annual federal spending labeled ...
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