Carl Hulse Has No Patience for Conservatives Pushing ACORN Scandal

Congressional reporter Carl Hulse sounded impatient with a Republican senator's move to ban the left-wing housing group ACORN from receiving any Interior Department spending: "Not satisfied with ...

Fox's Wallace Highlights NYT's Kennedy vs. Helms Obit Contrast

Fox News picks up on the double standard between remembrances of Sen. Ted Kennedy and Sen. Jesse Helms.

CBS's Smith: 'Does A Kennedy Belong' in Ted's Senate Seat?

Speaking with Ted Kennedy's niece, Kathleen Kennedy Townsend, on Monday's CBS Early Show, co-host Harry Smith wondered: "Does a Kennedy belong in your uncle's old Senate seat?" Townsend replied: ...

Hailing Kennedy As Defender of Senate Ideals, While Ignoring Bork Smear

Sheryl Gay Stolberg frets about a "coarser, more partisan" Senate while paying tribute to Kennedy, ignoring how Kennedy himself contributed to the coarseness with his demagogic attack on Supreme ...

Ted Kennedy Obit Avoids the Jesse Helms Treatment

Liberal Sen. Ted Kennedy was "one of the most effective lawmakers in the history of the Senate," while conservative Sen. Jesse Helms's "mossy drawl barely masked a hard-edged conservatism that ...

Goodnough Fails to Consider Cynical Political Motive by Kennedy

Times writer Abby Goodnough takes Sen. Kennedy at face value for his reasons to change Massachusetts law governing Senate vacancies, a law he helped put in place in 2004 for partisan purposes

Dodd Cleared of Wrongdoing - Times Suddenly Remembers He's a Democrat

How convenient for the liberal senator from Connecticut.

Disgraced Sen. Ensign Swiftly Identified as GOP, Disgraced Dems Not ID'd at All

The Times let us know by word four the Republican Party affiliation of Sen. John Ensign, who confessed to having an affair. By contrast, the paper has often failed to even mention the party ...

Inhofe: Senate Will Not Pass Cap-and-Trade

Oklahoma senator cites recent trend against global warming legislation; dismisses House efforts and claims EPA action to impose it can be stalled.

The "Conservative" Sen. Kirsten Gillibrand?

The New York Democrat's voting record is safely left-of-center, but she's never been liberal enough to suit the Times.
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