Times Watch Quotes of Note - Sentences She'd Like to Have Back, Massachusetts Edition

Plus: Read the desperate, denialist Democrat spin by Times columnists and reporters upon Scott Brown's shocking Mass. Victory, and learn why Rush is a particularly vile human being.

Brown's Win Evidence of 'Wretched' State of the Union, Whines Washington Post's Pearlstein

Scott Brown replacing Ted Kennedy in the Senate really irritated Washington Post business section columnist Steven Pearlstein, who cited Brown's victory as an example of the "wretched" state of ...

CBS's Schieffer: Mass. Brown Voters Opposed to 'Process,' Not Democrats

On Sunday's Face the Nation on CBS, host Bob Schieffer twisted the meaning of a recent Washington Post poll on the election of Scott Brown in Massachusetts: "Three-fourths of those voters...said ...

Charles Blow Greets News of Mass. GOP Win: 'Welcome to the Mob'

Columnist Charles Blow has his usual thoughtful take on the Mass. Senate race won by Republican Scott Brown: "Welcome to the mob: an angry, wounded electorate, riled by recession, careening across ...

It Begins: Dem Loss in Mass. Senate Due to Sexism?

Strangely, Ted Kennedy is not mentioned in a story about sexism in Mass. politics. Reporter Katie Zezima instead wonders if Mass. voters knew Martha Coakley was a woman, since she "never mentioned ...

Media In Mourning: Teddy's Liberal Dream "Derailed"

Vol. 23, No. 2

ABC Panel: Brown Just 'Throw the Bums Out,' Fret ObamaCare Not Pushed More 'Vigorously'

With the exception of George Will, the panel on ABC's This Week (hosted by Terry Moran) roundtable insisted Scott Brown's Massachusetts Senate seat victory was less an anti-liberal or anti-Obama ...

CNBC's Harwood Claims Public Doesn't Know Enough about Obamacare

Washington correspondent makes case for health care reform despite Brown victory; 'Squawk Box; co-hosts Kernen, Quick refute claim.

Politico Reporter on CBS: Scott Brown May Be 'Gaffe-Prone'

Appearing on Thursday's CBS Early Show, White House reporter Nia-Malika Henderson argued to co-host Harry Smith that Senator-elect Scott Brown's humorous remark that his daughters ...

Fox News' Wallace on White House's Effort to Spin Brown Victory: 'I Have to Laugh'

'Fox News Sunday' host criticizes Obama administration for not owning up to failed economic and domestic policies.
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