Scientific American Magazine Honors Obama For 'Welcoming Back' Science Into White House

For his "extraordinary" accomplishments in just "a matter of weeks of taking office," the June edition of Scientific American magazine is honoring Barack Obama as one of ten people "who have ...

Matthews to Skeptical Congressman: 'Are You a Luddite, a Troglodyte?'

MSNBC host belittles California congressman Dana Rohrabacher for not buying into man-caused global warming.

Slimy Bush Bashing in the Science Section

A cheap shot against the former president in a story about...a giant amoeba?

Science Reporter Lets Tears of Joy Flow Over Obama

Science reporter Dennis Overbye lets the tears flow over Obama: " could feel a dark cloud lifting like a sigh from the shoulders of the scientific community in this country."

Barack Obama, Saving Science from the Bush Dark Ages

In Times world, that apparently means acceding to any left-wing "scientific" recommendation on stem cells, global warming, and sex education.

The Toxic Tube Made Them Do It

Kids spend more time with media than they do anything else, except sleep. Why are we surprised it impacts their behavior?

Who Has a Better Sense of Humor, Obama or McCain Supporters?

And the winner is...

'World News' Ties California Fires to Global Warming

Segment cites climate change, ignores other factors as reason for increase in wildfires.

ABC, NBC Claim Link between Iowa Floods and Global Warming

Networks cite NOAA scientist making flood and climate change connection, although he's been making those claims for 13 years.

White House Differs from Media on Timing of Climate Report

'World News,' AP claim Bush administration was forced to release report due to a federal judge's order.
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