CNBC Debate: Liesman, Santelli Argue Whether U.S. Is Headed for European Socialism

Senior economic reporter says federal expenditures like TARP and the stimulus won't be repeated.

Current Unemployment Rate Will Be Around 'Years From Now' Says Santelli

CNBC floor reporter not optimistic in long-term forecast as the economy attempts to regain footing.

Prelude to Victory Lap: Santelli Warns Not to Buy Hype of Upcoming Jobs Data

CNBC's CME floor reporter predicts if unemployment numbers fall with Census jobs, 'traditional media' will overplay it, send markets higher.

Michael Moore: CNBC's Rick Santelli 'Classist, Bigotist'

Liberal filmmaker calls CNBC reporter's anti-Obamanomics call for revolt 'the sound of angry white guys.'

CNBC's Santelli Brandishes Huge Hammer to Illustrate Obamanomics

Reporter warns government should take a more surgical approach to regulation and slow spending growth, not raise taxes and fees.

CNBC's Santelli Rebuts Lou Dobbs' Populism

Former CNN host Lou Dobbs appears on long-time rival Kudlow's show to make case that government policy is needed to improve middle class standard of living.

CNBC's Santelli Rips Media for Ignoring 9/12 DC March

Reporter argues government intervention wasn't the right course of action and frets over country's direction.

Santelli Claims Geithner 'Lying to the American People' on Monetization of Debt

CNBC's reporter says Treasury Secretary either doesn't understand 'monetization' or is not being forthright about the government's actions.

Santelli, Kudlow Rail against 'Criminal' Aspects of TARP Bailout

CNBC reporter reminds viewers it's OK for capitalism to fail sometimes.

This April 15, let's tea party like it's 1773

Americans grab the tea after taxes too hard to swallow
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