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Brian Williams Wonders If Tornadoes Caused by 'Something We Have Done?'

Like clockwork, an unusual weather event occurs and some shallow journalists immediately leap to speculating about global warming ' even accusing humankind of causing the event. On Thursday night, ...

Double Shock: ABC Shows Residents Panning Obama Speech; Net's Focus Group Actually Praised Bush Post-Katrina

ABC's Sam Champion presented Gulf coast reaction to President Obama's oil spill speech, and surprisingly found three critics and no outright defenders. Back in 2005, ABC's correspondent seemed ...

ABC's Environmental Alarmist Sam Champion Hypes 'Earth Hour,' Skipped ClimateGate

Good Morning America's weatherman and environmental alarmist Sam Champion on Friday touted Earth Hour, a call for people to sit in the dark on Saturday and reflect on climate change. Champion ...

Sam Champion Nixes Idea That Snow Discounts Global Warming

Liberal weatherman Sam Champion appeared on Friday's Nightline to attack the idea that global warming could be dismissed because of the snowy winter suffered by much of the country. He complained, ...

Cold Can't Shake ABC Reporter's Faith in Global Warming

Bill Blakemore says skeptics should listen to his one-sided experts -- and fifth graders.

ABC's Sawyer Hails Obama: 'Buck Stops Here' an 'Echo of Another Young President'

ABC anchor Diane Sawyer heard "an echo of another young President in another time" in President Obama's "the buck stops here" taking of responsibility for the failed Christmas Day terrorist plot ...

ABC's Liberal Weatherman Sam Champion Tweets: ClimateGate Is 'Not Reportable as Such'

Good Morning America weatherman and global warming alarmist Sam Champion asserted on Twitter that ClimateGate is "not reportable as such." This analyst queried him on the site about why the ...

Networks Promote Season of Giving

Broadcast networks encourage charity during November.

GMA Frets About 'Greenwashing'

Darned if they do ... GMA worries about companies putting 'green' labels on products.

ABC's Sam Champion Again Touts Book of Toilet Paper-shunning Environmentalist

Weatherman/global warming alarmist Sam Champion on Tuesday again promoted the cause of toilet paper-avoiding environmentalist Colin Beavan. In his brief "Just One Thing" segment, Champion touted ...
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