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CBS's Smith Wonders If Tea Party 'Losing' Its Appeal, More Sunday Pleas to Raise Taxes

"Do you think the Tea Party is losing some of its appeal?" So Harry Smith cued up a hardly independent guest on Sunday's Face the Nation: Debbie Wasserman Schultz, Chair of the DNC. Meanwhile, ...

Washington Post Columnist to Upset Air Travelers: 'Grow Up, America'

Calling the uproar over the new TSA screening procedures "overblown" in her November 24 column, Washington Post columnist Ruth Marcus praised the majority of Americans polled who are okay with the ...

It's 'Deranged' to Not Raise Taxes, Washington Post's Marcus Declares on ABC's Roundtable

Despairing that the current income tax rates will be extended for all income levels, on Sunday's This Week, Washington Post columnist Ruth Marcus declared: "I think that the conversation right now ...

Washington Post's Ruth Marcus 'Despondent' Over Castle's Defeat and O'Donnell's 'Scary' Win

Washington Post columnist Ruth Marcus raced to her keyboard on Tuesday night to express her upset with the result of the Republican Senate primary in Delaware. In "Why Christine O'Donnell's ...

CMI Commentary: WaPo Needs a 'Conservative Beat' Reporter Not a 'Beat Conservatives' Reporter

Reading a single daily issue proves that someone needs to explain the right to the paper.

WaPo's Marcus Doesn't Get Opposition to Repealing 'Don't Ask, Don't Tell'

Columnist can't fathom 'squeamishness' about gays in uniform.

Nobel for Obama 'Ridiculous,' But Wash Post's Marcus Admits: 'I Voted for President Obama'

Long-time Washington Post reporter and editor Ruth Marcus, in a Saturday column, called Obama's Nobel "ridiculous." Then she offered up what gives her the credibility to make such a judgment: "I ...

Busted: Krugman vs. Krugman on Social Security

Is Social Security in trouble or not? For alleged economist Paul Krugman, it depends on whether a Democrat or Republican is saying it. A liberal columnist for the Washington Post zaps him with his ...
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