CBS's David Edelstein Praises 'Victim and Victimizer' Roman Polanski

On CBS's Sunday Morning, movie reviewer David Edelstein heaped praised upon The Ghost Writer, the latest film by director, and indicted child rapist, Roman Polanski: "Whatever you say about this ...

Hollywood Crazy Talk

Roman Polanski case shines spotlight on divide between Tinsel Town and Main Street.

Hollywood's Favorite Rapist

When film director Roman Polanski was taken into custody for his rape of a 13-year-old girl in 1977, morally bankrupt libertines in Hollywood and other artistic banana republics rushed to his defense.

NBC's Lauer Fails to Challenge Claim Polanski 'Did Not Forcibly Have Sex with' Under-aged Girl

Former sister-in-law to fugitive said his encounter with a 13-year-old girl was a consensual matter.

Day Two of ABC's Polanski Coverage: 'Hunted' Director Subject to 'Prosecutorial Obsession?'

ABC's Good Morning America on Tuesday America continued to raise questions about the arrest of Roman Polanski in Europe, spinning the case as a "31-year-old prosecutorial obsession." According to ...

ABC Touts European Outrage Over Polanski Arrest; Sawyer: It's an 'International Incident'

Hosts and reporters on Monday's Good Morning America hyperventilated about the arrest of fugitive Roman Polanski. Co-anchor Diane Sawyer worried that the detention of the director accused of child ...
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