Pro-Iran Columnist Roger Cohen Excuses Iran's Malfeasance

From the columnist who argued that Jews had it pretty well in Iran, comes this flowery excuse: "Like many much-conquered countries, not least Italy, Iran loves artifice, the dressing-up of truth ...

Roger Cohen Says He Was Right All Along About Iranian People

See, Cohen says, I was right all along: "One benefit of the massive show of resistance to a stolen vote, and future, has been to awaken Americans to the civic vitality of Iranian society - a real ...

Former Iran Apologist Cohen Now Calling for Obama to Step Up Rhetoric

Roger Cohen, former apologist for Iran (pictured), writes from Tehran that anti-regime protestors are asking: "Where is Obama?"

Naive Roger Cohen Finally Wakes Up to Iran's Perfidy

After months of defending Iran and criticizing Israel, Roger Cohen looks at the election farce and admits: "I erred in underestimating the brutality and cynicism of a regime that understands the ...

Roger Cohen Praises Iran's Resiliency, Accuses Israel of Lying About Threat

Columnist Roger Cohen (pictured) continues his defense of Iran, accusing the Israelis of "crying wolf" over Iran's nuclear threat.

Columnist Roger Cohen Defends Anti-Israel Chas Freeman

Last week Cohen said he was ashamed by Israel's actions and called for the recognition of Hamas. This week, he defends the vituperatively pro-Saudi, anti-Israel Chas Freeman, who has suggested ...

Columnist Roger Cohen Ashamed of Israel's Actions, Wants Recognition of Hamas

Columnist Roger Cohen says calling Hamas and Hezbollah terrorists is a "narrow" and simplistic view and says of the recent Gaza "travesty": "I have never previously felt so shamed by Israel's ...

Roger Cohen Says Calling Hamas, Hezbollah Terrorist Is "Simplistic"

The Times' international columnist also makes fun of the name of a conservative blog that criticized a naive Cohen column about how good life is for Jews in Iran.

Dear NY Times: Applauding the Case for Creative Destruction

Op-ed makes it clear that even as companies 'die,' American capitalism survives and thrives.

"Unconscionable...Ungrateful Irish" Reject EU Treaty

Roger Cohen indulges in a wee bit of stereotyping about Ireland's former status as a "beer-soaked backwater" and suggests the EU should use trickery to get the thing passed over Ireland's ...
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