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Times Watch Quotes of Note - Venezuela Dictator Hugo Chavez a 'Good-Hearted Man of the People'

Plus: Democrats and double standards: Robert Byrd vs. Jesse Helms, plus the brilliant, funny, warm, and witty Elena Kagan.

Chris Matthews: Robert Byrd 'Treasured' Gadsden Flag; 'Scared' When Flag Flown at Tea Party

While MSNBC host Chris Matthews has routinely cited the American Revolution-era Gadsden flag as evidence of the extremism of the tea party movement, at the end of Monday's Harball, he expressed ...

As Much on Byrd's Fiddle Playing as Klan Days; 'Like Constitution and Bible, Permanent Fixture of the Senate'

The networks Monday night skipped lightly over the late Senator Robert Byrd's segregationist and racist record, devoting as much time to the Democrat's fiddle-playing prowess as his years in the ...

ABC's Sawyer Touts Robert Byrd's Dedication to 'Health Care Champion' Kennedy

On Thursday's World News, ABC anchor Diane Sawyer took the time to devote an entire story to 92-year-old Democratic Senator Robert Byrd's health bill vote, which he dedicated to the late Ted ...

CBS Leads with Byrd's 'Shame, Shame' in Story on GOP 'Delaying Tactics'

Centering a Friday night story on how, as anchor Katie Couric explained, "Republicans are doing everything they can to block" the "health reform" bill, "including delaying tactics in this race ...

Hailing Kennedy As Defender of Senate Ideals, While Ignoring Bork Smear

Sheryl Gay Stolberg frets about a "coarser, more partisan" Senate while paying tribute to Kennedy, ignoring how Kennedy himself contributed to the coarseness with his demagogic attack on Supreme ...

Robert Byrd in the Klan Only as a "Young Man"?

But the ancient Democratic senator from West Virginia was praising the KKK as late as 1946 - when he was 28 years old.
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