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Nocera Surprise on Bork Anniversary: 'Democrats Can Be...Mean-Spirited and Unfair.'

Joe Nocera: "[Bork's] nomination battle is also a reminder that our poisoned politics is not just about Republicans behaving badly, as many Democrats and their liberal allies have convinced ...

Remembering Ted Kennedy

Is the presidential-level treatment of Ted Kennedy's passing warranted? The amount of coverage isn't the problem; it's the quality of the reporting that bothers.

Lauding Kennedy's Liberal Legislative Achievements In Health & Education

Did the failure of Sen. Ted Kennedy's liberal immigration "reform" really lead to "an increase in hate crimes, activity by anti-immigrant groups and ranting on cable television and the Internet"? ...

Hailing Kennedy As Defender of Senate Ideals, While Ignoring Bork Smear

Sheryl Gay Stolberg frets about a "coarser, more partisan" Senate while paying tribute to Kennedy, ignoring how Kennedy himself contributed to the coarseness with his demagogic attack on Supreme ...

Did "Hyperpartisan" Era Really Begin With Clinton's Impeachment?

Peter Baker's partisanship timeline conveniently ignores the unfair treatment by liberals of Robert Bork and Clarence Thomas.

Linda Greenhouse Leaves the New York Times, Liberalism Intact

Greenhouse, a Times reporter who marched for abortion rights and told a Harvard audience the Bush administration had undertaken a "hijacking of public policy by religious fundamentalism," has ...

Linda Greenhouse Retires With Parting Shot at Robert Bork

Linda Greenhouse thinks Ted Kennedy and the rest of the Democrats gave Bork a fair shake during his confirmation hearings: "I thought then and think now that the debate had been both fair and ...
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