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Learning Nothing From Duke Debacle, NYT Smears Another College Athlete With Assault Allegation

Did the Times learn nothing about rushing to judgement from its Duke lacrosse "rape" hoax debacle? Even as the case fell apart, the Times issued a now-notorious, error-riddled 5,000-word story ...

Only a 'Few Democrats' Voted With NJ Gov. Christie? More Like 30% of Them

An off-lead story on a big win by New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie describes passage of a bill with the support of Republicans and "a few Democrats." But 14 out of 47 Democrats sounds closer to a ...

Now It's GOP Gov. Chris Christie Using 'Incendiary' Language

For the second time in five days, a Times reporter has accused an elected Republican politician of employing incendiary language, a term the Times rarely if ever uses when talking of statements by ...

Times Leaps on Gov. Christie's Mild 'Violent Imagery,' Ignores Much Harsher Democratic Attacks on GOP Pols

Christie's metaphor to reporters about "taking a bat" to a Democratic critic gets a full story in the Times. Yet Democratic pols who talk about "blowing the brains out" of one Republican, or ...

More Front-Page Sniping at Gov. Chris Christie 'Misstatements, Exaggerations'

More front-page sniping at Gov. Chris Christie by Richard Perez-Pena: "Statements like those are at the core of Gov. Chris Christie's campaign to cut state spending by getting tougher on unions. ...

Village Voice Reporter Again Lionized; Paper Again Not Labeled as Lefty

Another Times story quotes a former Voice editor comparing veteran liberal muckraker Wayne Barrett, who helped Sen. Schumer beat Republican Sen. Al D'Amato in 1998, as the journalistic equivalent ...

The Times Takes Two More Left Jabs at New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie

The Times just keeps jabbing at New Jersey's budget-cutting Gov. Chris Christie. Reporter Richard Perez-Pena: "Taking credit for leading the way on fiscal austerity under such conditions, they ...

The Times' One-Sided View of a Coming Newspaper War with the Wall Street Journal

The Times sees "bloodsport" on only one side of the looming newspaper war between itself and the Wall Street Journal, which is gearing up a local news section to compete directly with the Times.

New York Times Sees Bias Everywhere But Own News Pages

Richard Perez-Pena, reporter for a doggedly liberal rival newspaper, comments on The New York Post's "doggedly conservative slant."

NYT Co. Plays Hardball with Boston Globe, Imposes 23% Pay Cut

Former GE chief executive Jack Welch sees hypocrisy: "So ironic to see NYT act so brutish toward labor. Certainly would be crucifying any Company with labor practices like theirs."
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