On CNN, Reuters' Freeland Claims Universal Health Care Makes Europe More Competitive Than U.S.

On Monday's Parker-Spitzer on CNN, Chrystia Freeland of Reuters claimed that the European economy is at an advantage compared to the U.S. because of America's lack of universal health care. But, ...

Reuters Reveals Sleaze Is Essential to Its Bottom Line

Why is a news organization running dirty pictures of a 17-year-old girl to make money?

Emerging Anti-Tea Party Line: Lack of Opposition to Arizona Proves Racism and Hypocrisy

Comments on two Sunday shows reflected an emerging new liberal line of reasoning, which uses the lack of opposition to Arizona's new immigration enforcement law, as a means to discredit ...

'Cash for Clunkers' Bill a Clunker after All

Business Week points out shortcomings that other journalists overlook.

Media Latch on to Swine Flu 'Pandemic'

National news goes hog wild with influenza stories but barely discusses Bush preparations; need for border security.

Despite Calls for Resignation, Media Support Geithner

Networks gloss over Treasury Secretary's shortcomings and defend him in contrast to treatment of Bush's Cabinet.

'Superstar' Knut: Poster Bear for Warming Dangers No More

Now a 440 pound 'killing machine' Knut loses spotlight and possibly his home.

Greenpeace Maligns Fishing Industry with Inaccurate Ad

Industry organization refutes environmental activists who claim Alaskan Pollock are being 'overfished.'

Network Shows May Add Global Warming Propaganda

Systematic green indoctrination ready for primetime, and that's O.K. with Reuters.
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