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Republican National Convention

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NYT's Michael Cooper: Republican Platform Shows 'Just How Far Rightward the Party Has Shifted'

Reporter Michael Cooper tried hard to make the Republican platform seem menacing: "The new platform -- with its call to reshape Medicare to give fixed amounts of money to future beneficiaries so ...
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NYTimes' Calmes Praises Obama's 'Thoughtful' Response in Web Q&A, Defends Him on Welfare From GOP

Times reporter Jackie Calmes gushed: "In response to a question about the most difficult decision he had had to make in office, he wrote a thoughtful and lengthy answer that began: 'The ...
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NBC's Lauer Cites Obama Flack to Question If Paul Ryan Gave an 'Honest Speech'

In an interview with former Florida Governor Jeb Bush on Thursday's NBC Today, co-host Matt Lauer used attack lines from deputy Obama campaign manager Stephanie Cutter to question the honesty ...
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ABC Hosts GOP-Bashing Univision Anchor Over Airing Susana Martinez's RNC Speech

Instead of airing Latina Governor Susana Martinez's speech at the Republican National Convention, ABC chose to host liberal Univision anchor Jorge Ramos who had dire words for the Republican ...
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George Stephanopoulos Relays E-Mail From 'Top Democrat' Ripping Ryan's Speech

ABC's analysis of Paul Ryan's RNC address included former Democratic operative George Stephanopoulos citing an a-mail from a "top Democrat" slamming the integrity of Paul Ryan's speech. ...
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Weisman Wastes New York Times Space Weakly Mocking Congressional Republicans

Times reporter Jonathan Weisman was really grasping for ways to mock Republicans in the House "The treatment of House Republicans may not have been much of a surprise given recent headlines. ...
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NYT Editor Andrew Rosenthal Classy As Ever: 'Can't Santorum Leave His Daughter, Bella, Alone?'

Another tweet from the paper's Editorial Page editor: "Romney is going to get more combative. Be ready for more birther nonsense and other GOP propaganda." He also claimed that Chris Christie ...
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NYT's Cooper Accuses GOP of 'Selectively Editing' Obama's 'You Didn't Build That' Crack

Michael Cooper, building a defense for President Obama against an effective GOP attack: "The Republican convention is playing a recording of President Obama saying 'You didn't build that' -- but ...
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NBC Panel Slams Christie As 'Bully' Who 'Will Never Be Accepted Across This Country'

During a panel discussion on Wednesday's NBC Today, advertising executive Donny Deutsch ripped into Republican National Convention keynote speaker and New Jersey Governor Chris Christie: "I'm ...
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NBC on Isaac: Obama Being Presidential; 'Difficult' for GOP Convention to Continue

In a Tuesday 10 a.m. et NBC News special report on President Obama declaring a state of emergency for Gulf Coast states in the path of Hurricane Isaac, Today co-host Matt Lauer gushed: ...
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