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An Extremely Slanted Piece on Oklahoma's Strike Against 'Shariah' Law

James McKinley Jr.'s hostile, slanted story on a pre-emptive strike by "archconservatives" and "right-wing Republican lawmakers" against shariah law in Oklahoma brought up faulty arguments against ...

Bozell Column: NPR's Religion Double Standard

NPR said Juan Williams' comments about "Muslim garb" were a firing offense, but they can be as insulting as they want toward Christians, and no one gets punished.

Christine O'Donnell: 'Separation of Church and State' Not in Constitution, MSNBC Shocked, Angered

MSNBC on Tuesday continued its attempt to dismiss Republican candidates as extremist, hitting Sharron Angle, Christine O'Donnell and others as "mean girls" who are unqualified for office. Jansing ...

Obama Omits 'Creator' From Declaration of Independence Quotation

Media ignore misquote of founding document, jumped on Bush for misquoting Jefferson.

Times Calls Koran-Threatening Rev. Terry Jones 'Fanatic' in News Story on Front Page

Damien Cave unleashes liberal snobbery on Koran-threatening preacher and "fanatic" Terry Jones of Gainesville, while accusing him, not the media, of creating a spectacle: "Educated and ...

Woody Allen: Religions Are 'Delusions to Keep Us Going'

Director equates organized religion to fortune cookies.

Laurie Goodstein on Clergy Fighting 'Outright Bigotry' of Anti-Mosque Sentiment

Don't call it a mosque: "Proposed Islamic community center" leading to anti-Muslim bigotry, says Laurie Goodstein: "The clergy members said that those responsible for a poisoned climate included ...

Laurie Goodstein Translates Mosque Opposition Into Anti-Islamic Bigotry, Hate Crimes

Religion reporter Laurie Goodstein is not taking public opposition to the Ground Zero mosque very well, labeling it straight-up red state bigotry: "[Muslims] said they were scared not as much for ...

Times Again Blames Cab Driver Stabbing on Protesters Against Ground Zero Mosque

A Muslim cab driver is stabbed by a volunteer for a pro-mosque interfaith group, so the Times editorial page naturally blames the anti-mosque mob: "Already New Yorkers have seen a troubled young ...

NBC Re-Runs Obama's Retort on Religion and Citizenship, Williams Touts It 'Has Already Ricocheted Around the World'

On Sunday night, Brian Williams despaired "you're an American-born Christian. And yet, significant numbers of Americans...are claiming you are neither." Barack Obama responded: "I can't spend all ...
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