Times "Ethicist" Wants Henry Louis Gates to Sue the Police

Randy Cohen loves lawsuits: "We Americans are often mocked for being overly litigious, but we are not nearly litigious enough."

Times Takes Sides in Front-Page Story on Gates-Race Case

In the controversy over Harvard professor Henry Louis Gates's arrest, the Times tries some mind-reading: "In interviews here and in Atlanta, in Web postings and on television talk shows, blacks ...

Jill Abramson Still Angry at Congress for Treatment of Anita Hill

Jill Abramson, who cowrote an anti-Clarence Thomas book, uses the Sotomayor hearings to attack the "harshly prosecutorial questioning," "questions about pornographic movies", and suggestions of ...

CNN's Sanchez Again Teams with Leftists to Slam Conservatives

Anchor Rick Sanchez used another crazed gunman's rampage to blast conservative media during CNN's Newsroom program on Thursday, and brought on Media Matters' Eric Boehlert as his aide to bash talk ...

NYT Continues to Probe Sotomayor's Racial Rulings

Legal reporter Adam Liptak hints that the decision Judge Sotomayor and her two appeals court colleagues reached in the reverse discrimination case Ricci v. DeStefano was flawed and unprofessional.

Paul Krugman's Double Standards on Controversial Race Comments

The left-wing columnist excoriated Trent Lott in 2002 for allegedly racist remarks at the 100th birthday party for retiring Sen. Strom Thurmond - but dismissed Sotomayor's claim suggesting ethnic ...

GOP Critics of Sotomayor a Bunch of Racists, Explains Charles Blow

The columnist excoriates racist Republicans for hypocrisy in opposing Sonia Sotomayor: "Even Michael Steele, the bungling chairman of The Willie Horton Party knows that the Republicans have no ...

Brokaw Calls for 'Economic Justice,' 'Mother Earth Taken Turn for the Worse'

During his Saturday commencement speech at Fordham U, former NBC News anchor Tom Brokaw fretted the "vital signs" of "Mother Earth" have "taken a turn for the worse," as he cited global warming as ...

Linda Greenhouse Lavishes More Love on a Liberal Justice

The former Supreme Court reporter comes out of retirement to glorify yet another liberal Justice, the retiring David Souter.

Barack Obama, the One-Man Racial Reconciliator

Front-page Sunday space for a laudatory survey of how the election of Barack Obama has brought blacks and whites together.
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