Hulse Links Obama-Care Protests to Violent Racists of Civil Rights Movement

Just what is reporter Carl Hulse implying here in his Obama-care story/profile of Democratic congressman and civil rights marcher John Lewis? "Lewis said he was not intimidated as he walked to the ...

Maher Suggests Mormon Racism Behind Romney Airplane Scuffle, Incorrectly Dates 1963 Race Quote

On Friday's Real Time with Bill Maher on HBO, during a discussion of Mitt Romney's recent altercation with rapper Sky Blu on an airplane, host Maher suggested that Romney might have been motivated ...

MSNBC's David Shuster Hits Republicans as Racist for Calling Charlie Rangel a 'Harlem Democrat'

MSNBC's David Shuster on Monday attacked Republicans as racist for calling embattled Congressman Charlie Rangel a "crooked, Harlem Democrat." Talking to ex-Virginia Governor Doug Wilder, the host ...

CNN Blog Attacks Black Pro-Lifers, Continues Liberal Trend

The Anderson Cooper 360 blog on CNN.com capped a leftward trend during the week of March 1 with a post on Friday from Obama supporter Tanya Acker, who accused pro-life activists of "racial ...

HuffPo Article Claims Tea Party is 'Motivated by Bigotry, Ignorance, and Racial Hatred'

Bob Cesca labels Tea Party members as racists, upset that an 'old white guy' isn't president.

CNN's Rick Sanchez Again Hints Rick Perry is a Racist

On Tuesday's Rick's List on CNN, Rick Sanchez again hinted that Texas Governor Rick Perry is a racist. Sanchez, reacting to the distinct possibility that Perry would win the Republican ...

MSNBC Regular Donny Deutsch Slams Marco Rubio With Racially Charged Attack: He's a 'Coconut'

MSNBC and CNBC contributor - and professed Charlie Crist admirer - Donny Deutsch used racially charged language on Monday night, smearing Republican senatorial candidate Marco Rubio as a ...

Zernike Smear Victim Calls for Her Firing, Retraction From NY Times

Young conservative author Jason Mattera responds to reporter Kate Zernike's smear of his CPAC speech as an appeal to "racial stereotypes."

At CPAC, NY Times Foreshadows Republican Troubles, Leaves Off Initial Racial Stereotype Charge

Reporter Kate Zernike's accusations of racial stereotyping by a speaker at the Conservative Political Action Conference didn't make it into the print version of her story.

Of Course: Times Foreshadows Republican Troubles at CPAC (But No Racism?)

Kate Zernike's accusations of racial stereotyping by Jason Mattera, a speaker at the Conservative Political Action Conference don't make it into the print edition of the Times.
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