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CNN Lobs Softballs as Contributor Says GOP Isn't Fighting for Liberty of 'Muslims and Mosques'

Republicans are deceitfully playing with words to avoid being slammed as homophobes, racists, and bigots, claimed CNN contributor L.Z. Granderson on Thursday morning's Newsroom. Anchor Kyra ...
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David Carr, Who Called Midwesterners "Low-Sloping Foreheads," Cries Racism Over Lin Headline

Veteran media reporter David Carr declared an unfortunate ESPN headline slurring the ethnicity of the Knicks' Jeremy Lin as one of myriad “underlying racist tropes that still lurk in the id of ...

Maher Mocks Conservatives as Racists and Defends Liberal Hatred of Bush

On Friday's Real Time with Bill Maher on HBO, host Maher repeatedly made jokes about conservatives being racists, and defended liberal hatred for President Bush.

Times Watch Quotes of Note - Conflating Concern on Liberal Bias With (Alleged) Racism

Plus: An editor calls Speaker John Boehner racist for asking President Obama to postpone his address to Congress for one night.

Conflating Concern on Liberal Bias With (Alleged) Racism

Plus: Speaker John Boehner was racist for asking Obama to postpone a speech to Congress for one night.

NYT's Charles Blow Conflates 'Hatemonger' Newt's Racism with Belief in Liberal Media Bias

How dare Republicans think the media is liberal: "[Newt's] the street fighter with a history of poisonous politics who not only goes there but dwells there...Take the issue of media bias for ...

CNN Hints At 'Racial Coding' In Gingrich's Words

On Thursday's Starting Point, CNN's Soledad O'Brien insinuated that candidate Newt Gingrich speaks with a "racial coding" on the campaign trail.

NBC's Curry Claims Gingrich 'Playing the Race Card' in South Carolina

On Thursday's NBC Today, co-host Ann Curry accused Newt Gingrich of playing up racial tensions to get votes in the South Carolina GOP primary: "...you've been increasingly stepping up your ...

South Carolina's 'Racially Charged Past' Emerging Thanks to Gingrich Remarks

Jim Rutenberg from Charleston: "But like the historic slave plantations that draw tourists on the outskirts of town, the legacy of that past has not been totally wiped from the politics of today. ...

MSNBC's Chris Matthews Slanders Gingrich, S.C. GOP Debate Attendees As Racists

Appearing on colleague Andrea Mitchell's eponymous 1 p.m. Eastern program today, MSNBC Hardball host Chris Matthews to viewers that last night's South Carolina GOP presidential debate was chock ...
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