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NBC's Gregory Grills DeMint on GOP 'Intolerance' and 'Racist Comments'

Talking to Heritage Foundation president and former Republican Senator Jim DeMint on Sunday's NBC Meet the Press, moderator David Gregory eagerly cited recent criticism of the GOP: "Colin Powell ...
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NYTimes' Rosenthal Again Accuses GOP of Anti-Obama Racism

Times editorial page editor Andrew Rosenthal strikes yet another low blow for Obama, again accusing Republicans of opposing him because of racism: "Along the way, he faced a Republican Party that ...
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The Media's Favorite Fake Republicans

Our liberal media keep inviting fake Republicans to offer advice to the GOP: dump the man who won one of the largest landslides in history with an unequivocal conservative agenda.
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NBC's Gregory Invites Panel to Pile On After Powell Slams GOP for 'Intolerance'

Shortly after former Secretary of State Colin Powell attacked the Republican Party for having a supposed "dark vein of intolerance," on Sunday's NBC Meet the Press, moderator David Gregory ...
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NYT Double Standards on Race, Religion on Display in Contest to Fill Jesse Jackson Jr. Seat

Double standards on race and religion in the New York Times. The paper's liberal concerns about racism in voting patterns or separation of church and state, so prevalent when discussing white ...

Excuses for Carnage in NYT: 'Rejection and Discrimination' in France Helped Send Islamic Killer of Jewish Children Over Edge

Times Paris reporter Scott Sayare nods along with sympathizers of a young Muslim in France who killed seven, including three Jewish children: "He committed the unconscionable, they say, but he was ...
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NYTimes Op-ed Celebrates Sole African-American Senator as 'Token,' Human Equivalent of Poll Tax

A New York Times op-ed offensively marked the appointment of South Carolina Republican Rep. Tim Scott, an African-American, to the U.S. Senate: "...modern black Republicans have been more tokens ...
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Meet the Press Panelist Ken Burns of PBS Denounces Tea Party 'Vitriol' Motivated By Racism

During a discussion of the new film Lincoln on Sunday's NBC Meet the Press, PBS documentary film maker Ken Burns ranted about one of the supposed lessons he took away from the movie: "Race is ...
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CNN's Lemon Bullies Conservative Guest On-Air, Who Lashes Out Afterward

CNN's Don Lemon didn't show a hint of journalistic integrity on Sunday's Newsroom as he ripped into conservative guest Will Cain and lectured him on the offensiveness of Mitt Romney's ...
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Matthews Charges 'They Practically Frisked' Obama, 'Get Out of Your Car'

At about 1:26 a.m. during MSNBC's live coverage of election night, co-anchor Chris Matthews obsessed over critics of President Obama who "practically frisked" President Obama and told him, "get ...
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