When 'Racist' Label Fails, Left Calls Tea Parties 'Crazy'

Character assassination against Delaware Senate candidate latest in long line of 'insane' accusations.

Overwhelmingly White Media Criticize Conservative Rallies as 'Overwhelmingly White'

Notoriously minority-deficient media criticize Tea Parties, other conservative gatherings for lack of diversity.

Rick Sanchez Apologizes After Labeling Obama the 'Cotton-Picking President'

CNN's Rick Sanchez quickly apologized on his Rick's List program on Monday after inadvertently labeling Barack Obama the "cotton-picking president of the United States." Sanchez used the ...

ABC's Tahman Bradley: Beck Rally's 'Crowd Was Almost All White, Giving Critics an Open Door'

On Sunday's Good Morning America, during a report which focused on FNC host Glenn Beck's "Restoring Honor" rally and the negative reaction from civil rights activists like the Reverend Al ...

ABC's Claiborne Presses MLK Niece to 'Understand, At Least, How Some' See Beck Rally as 'Affront' to Civil Rights Movement

On Saturday's Good Morning America on ABC, during an interview with Dr. Alveda King, a niece of Dr. Martin Luther King Jr., substitute host Ron Claiborne challenged her to defend her participation ...

Obama Criticism: Race Versus Reality

The same people that elected the president haven't recently discovered he's black; they have discovered he's untrustworthy.

CNN's Lemon Forwards Idea That Rangel Investigation is Racially Motivated

On Sunday's Newsroom, CNN's Don Lemon conducted a softball interview of the Rev. Al Sharpton and helped him forward the theory that the congressional ethics investigations into Representatives ...

Santelli: Tea Party More a 'Philosophy' Than a Party

CNBC CME floor reporter tackles allegation of racism in movement.

Bashing Breitbart: CNN's Anderson Cooper Admonishes Conservative 'Weasel' and 'Bully'

An indignant Anderson Cooper railed against Andrew Breitbart with an uncharacteristic angry commentary at the top of his eponymous CNN program yesterday, calling the conservative activist a ...
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