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Zernike Slams an 'Angry' White, Male, Reactionary Tea Party Movement Mired in the Past

Reporter Kate Zernike on the reactionary Tea Party movement: "They tend to be white and male, with a disproportionate number above 45, and above 65. Their memories are of a different time, when ...

Zernike Strikes Again: 'Emotion Outweighs Fact' Among Tea Party Hypocrites

Kate Zernike: "[Tea Party organizer Jeff McQueen] and others do not see any contradictions in their arguments for smaller government even as they argue that it should do more to prevent job loss ...

NY Times Publicizes a Four-Person March in Support of Illegal Immigrants

A "march" from Miami to Washington on behalf of illegal immigrants consisting of four marchers somehow merited a 780-word New York Times article Saturday by reliably pro-amnesty reporter Julia ...

Times Publicizes a Four-Person March in Support of Illegal Immigrants

A four-person Miami-to-Washington march in support of illegal immigrants gets nearly the same level of coverage as the 100,000-strong rally of conservatives at the Capitol did in September.

'Angry,' 'Fiercely Conservative' Obama-Care Protesters Just Parroting Fox News

It's a generally older crowd, many in their 50s and 60s, predominantly, white, and many self-identified as Christians. They are fiercely conservative and deeply skeptical of the government, many ...

The Times Embraces Another Liberal Rally on the Hill: Illegal Immigration

Unlike the paper's sour coverage of the September 12 anti-spending rally, Ian Urbina's profile of Tuesday's rally for amnesty was stocked with nothing but positive vibes.

Influential Times Editor Calls Anti-Tax Protesters "Tea-Baggers"

Sam Tanenhaus, Times Week in Review and Book Review editor and author of "The Death of Conservatism," uses the left-wing vulgarism "tea-baggers" to describe anti-tax protesters: "Even today the ...

Pittsburgh Protest Promoters

Liberals suggest that conservative anger might lead to violence, but conservative protests are happy and lawful, while left-wing protests draw hundreds of arrests for violence and property ...

L.A. Lines Up for Free Health Care in "An Outpouring of Need"

Pro-tax reporter Jennifer Steinhauer contrasts downtrodden folks in Los Angeles waiting in a long line for free health care with the "angry" protesters found at town hall meetings.
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