$3.6 Million from Soros Aids Groups That Support, Promote Occupy Wall Street

Liberal billionaire behind left-wing organizations and media celebrating anti-capitalist protests.

Media Embrace 'Noble' Extremists Occupying Wall Street, Ignore Radicalism 88% of the Time

Communists, anarchists and revolutionaries fight to destroy capitalism, while journalists praise the 'Zen-like' encampment.

Sunday Is for Celebrating 'Occupy Wall Street' at the Times

From designing protest logos to filing laudatory editorials and news stories, the Times is celebrating the leftist ("populist") protests on Wall Street: "As the Occupy Wall Street protests spread ...

NBC Celebrates 'Occupy Wall Street' Protests 'Gaining Ground'

At the top of the 8 a.m. ET hour of Wednesday's NBC Today, fill-in news anchor Tamron Hall proclaimed: "Today could be the biggest day yet for the 'Occupy Wall Street' protests in lower ...

Occupy Wall Street: Not Just Another Smelly Liberal Protest

Real pain for some lies beneath the anger, angst and media love.

NBC Cheers Wall Street Protests as Liberal Version of Tea Party But Denounced Actual Tea Party

On Monday's NBC Today, correspondent Michelle Franzen reported on the left-wing "Occupy Wall Street" protests in New York and proclaimed: "Protesters fed up with the economy and social inequality ...

Times Sympathizes With Radical Muslim Campus Group That Shouted Down Speaker

The Times has never been overly concerned about the free speech rights of campus conservatives. Yet today the Times rode to the defense of a Muslim group facing criminal charges for conspiring to ...

Another Uncritical Take on a Left-Wing 'War Resisters' Group

A tiny knot of supporters of accused WikiLeaks leaker, Army analyst Bradley Manning, get some publicity in the paper's special San Francisco section.

Times Skips Pro-Life March, But Sends Writer and Photographer to Georgia for 'Dwindling' Anti-Army Protest

For the last three years the Times has virtually ignored the annual March for Life anti-abortion rally. Yet when a sparsely attended left-wing anti-military protest in Georgia is in danger of ...

Once Again, 'Many Peaceful' = 'Some Violent' When It Comes to Leftist Protesters

Shops are vandalized and police cars torched in Toronto, but reporter Ian Austen defends the overall peacefulness of the left-wing mob over the headline "Police in Toronto Criticized for Treatment ...
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