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Times Fronts Pro-Obama Medicare Poll Findings; Other Outlets Focus on Tightening Race Instead

The New York Times proves how the same data can be interpreted in politically slanted ways. The Times pushed on the front page its poll showing how "deeply unpopular" is the Republican plan to fix ...
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ABC Ignores Its Own Poll Showing 'Sharp Advances' for Mitt Romney Among Women

A new ABC News/Washington Post poll found Mitt Romney has made "sharp advances" with women. But you wouldn't know it from watching the ABC network. Wednesday's World News and Nightline, as well as ...
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NYT Poll Blows Away Slanted Assumptions of NYT Reporters: Social Conservatism Not Hurting GOP With Women

The New York Times focused on the "treacherous political ground" occupied by President Obama as the election draws closer, while proving wrong pro-Obama assumptions made in recent stories by ...

ABC Joins NBC in Citing Outdated Poll Showing Obama Approval Up

On Thursday's World News on ABC, substitute anchor David Muir brought up the Gallup Daily Tracking Poll numbers from Monday which at that time showed President Obama with a 47 percent approval ...

Public Gets Approval of Times Editorial Board (But Why Don't They Love Obama Anymore?)

A Times lead editorial laments how Americans just don't realize how popular Obama's programs really are: "Leadership Crisis Americans agree with Mr. Obama on a great deal. Why don't they know it?"

NYT Downplays Own Poll Showing More Think Spending Cuts Didn't Go Far Enough

The New York Times on Friday downplayed results in its own poll that found 44 percent of respondents think the cuts in the debt deal didn't go far enough, versus only 15 percent who said "too ...

ABC Ignores Its Own Poll Showing Bleak Numbers for Obama on the Economy

ABC on Monday and Tuesday ignored its own poll's finding that 37 percent of Americans now believe that Barack Obama's policies are hurting the economy. No mention was made of the results on ...

Only 2% of Reports on Debt Ceiling Battle Mention Public Opposition to Increase

Network evening shows ignore polls showing deeper concern over rising federal debt than default; fail to debunk Obama's Social Security remarks.

CBS Highlights Tea Party Rallies, But Also Plays Up Bad Poll Numbers

CBS's Jan Crawford spotlighted the Tea Party movement on Monday's Early Show, but also played up how it might present a "challenge" for potential Republican presidential candidates due its ...

Major Nets' Evening Newscasts All Ignore Poll Showing Lowest Obama Approval Numbers to Date

The latest presidential approval poll shows Barack Obama's ratings at his lowest point of his tenure: 42 percent. But the three major broadcast networks took no notice whatsoever on their March 30 ...
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