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Politico Reporter Smears: Limbaugh Is Like the 'Serial Murderer' With 'Bodies in the Trunk'

According to Joe Williams, the senior White House reporter for Politico, Rush Limbaugh is like the "serial murderer" who was caught with "three bodies in the trunk." The veteran journalist ...

Charlie Rose: Obama Campaign 'So Giddy That They Want to Run Naked'

Charlie Rose boosted a jaw-dropping line from Politico's Roger Simon on Friday's CBS This Morning, which concluded that the Republican presidential debates were hurting the party's chances at ...

Roger Simon of Politico Sneers at 'Dangerous' 'Blood Lust' of South Carolina Audience

Roger Simon, Politico's top columnist, smeared the audience of Monday night's GOP debate, warning of a "kind of blood lust in the air" after the crowd booed a question of Juan Williams, an African ...

Politico's Thomas & Wash Post's King See Santorum 'Pandering' to Racist Whites

Appearing as a panel member on Friday's Inside Washington on PBS, Politico's Evan Thomas - formerly of Newsweek - made claims about the existence of "angry, white, middle class" men in the ...
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Google, News Outlets Embrace Vile Attack on Santorum

Top search engine refuses to remove hate speech attack against presidential candidate.

Evan Thomas Suggests McConnell Not Normally 'the Good Guy'

On Friday's Inside Washington on PBS, Politico's Evan Thomas took a jab at Senate Republican Leader Mitch Mcconnell, suggesting that he is normally not "the good guy."

CBS Highlights Chu's Solyndra Testimony in Congress, ABC Punts

On Friday, CBS's Early Show was the only Big Three morning show to cover Energy Secretary Steven Chu's testimony before a congressional hearing on the $528 million loan to the bankrupt solar panel ...

Politico's Evan Thomas: U.S. a 'Great Giant' That 'Stomped On' Other Countries

On PBS's Inside Washington on Friday, the Politico's Evan Thomas - formerly of Newsweek - characterized the United States as a "great giant" that would go on to "stomp on" other countries after ...
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