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CNN Hammers 'Deluded' Ted Cruz; 'Kid Playing With Matches'

On Tuesday night and Wednesday morning, CNN lambasted Sen. Ted Cruz who led a 21-hour Senate floor speech against Obamacare. During the speech by Cruz and other Republican senators, CNN hosts ...
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The Liberal Media's Top 10 Worst Anti-Gun Moments of the Year

Ever since the tragic Newtown school shooting the media anti-gun crusade. On the Big Three networks (ABC, CBS, NBC) reporters slanted their initial post-Newtown stories against gun rights by an 8 ...
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Piers Morgan Rips NRA 'Cowards,' Begs Obama to Take 'Action' Against Mass Shootings

CNN's Piers Morgan lashed out at NRA "cowards" hours after Monday morning's shooting at the Washington Navy Yard, and asked President Obama to take "action" against gun violence. Just as he ...
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Piers Morgan Suggests Gun Advocates Stand In Front of Blind Firing Squad

In a Twitter war with conservative radio hosts Ben Ferguson and Dana Loesch, CNN's Piers Morgan pitched the idea that they stand as targets for blind shooters. The argument was over allowing ...
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Film Director on CNN: America 'More Racist' During Obama's Presidency; People 'Showing Their True Colors'

Lee Daniels, director and producer of the new film "The Butler," lashed out on Monday's Piers Morgan Live at Americans who are "angry that [Obama] is president" and who are "showing their true ...
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Rejecting Liberal Moderators = “Suppressing a Free Media”

MSNBC froths over RNC Chairman Reince Preibus' suggestion that debates among Republican presidential candidates shouldn't be moderated by news organizations with an obvious pro-Democratic bias, ...
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NewsBusters Catches Piers Morgan's Falsity, Gets Him to Apologize

The MRC's blog, NewsBusters, reported that during a debate on guns, CNN's Piers Morgan falsely claimed that according to FBI statistics, Virginia had the highest murder rate in the country in ...
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CNN Anchors Tire of 'Silly,' 'Stupid' Rodeo Clown Controversy

On Thursday afternoon CNN's Athena Jones called the Missouri rodeo clown controversy a "firestorm," but CNN's tone changed within a matter of hours. On Thursday night's Piers Morgan Live, ...
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What?! Piers Morgan Falsely Claims Virginia Had Highest Murder Rate In U.S. for 2009

Trying to refute his guest's argument that "more guns equal less crime," CNN's Piers Morgan fell flat on his face on his Tuesday night show. When guest A.W.R. Hawkins cited Virginia as an ...
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Piers Morgan Promotes Reza Aslan's Controversial Book on Jesus, Mocks Fox News

Author Reza Aslan falsely claimed that the Gospel of Mark contains no messianic claim by Jesus, but CNN's Piers Morgan asked him no tough questions and instead promoted his new book on Jesus ...
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