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Treasury Secy. Paulson's Request for Power: Like Bush on Iraq?

Do mention the war: "Some are suspicious of Mr. Paulson's characterizations, finding in his warnings and demands for extraordinary powers a parallel with the way the Bush administration gained ...

Obligatory Sarah Palin Hit Piece Shrugworthy

Times goes drilling for scandal in Sarah Palin's Alaskan background, comes up empty.

"Cutthroat...Capitalism," "Tough Love of Laissez-Faire" No Longer Working in US?

In his latest free-markets-are-failing analysis, economics reporter Peter Goodman chides U.S. policymakers' "swaggering pride in the cutthroat but lucrative form of capitalism" in America.

Today's Lead Story: "Gloom" From "Awful Sales Numbers" Means Plummeting Economy

The Times' gloomiest economics reporter Peter Goodman leads with "awful sales numbers" for autos, and paints an economy headed for the abyss.

Iraq Oil Riches to "Reward the Cronies and Allies" of the U.S.?

The Times' lead economics reporter takes a paranoid, Michael Moore-style perspective on news that Iraq will award oil contracts to Western companies.

A Tale of Two Tax Rebates

What a difference a retail sales report makes.

Surprising Figures Don't Stop NYT From Seeing "Recession"

Milder-than-expected job losses in April nonetheless spurred a lead story shouting the loss as "powerful evidence that the United States is almost certainly now ensnared in a recession."

Unemployment, Mortgage Woes? It's All Milton Friedman's Fault

Economics reporter Peter Goodman: "Joblessness is growing. Millions of homes are sliding into foreclosure. The financial system continues to choke on the toxic leftovers of the mortgage crisis. ...

Peter Goodman's Strained Idea of an Economic "Slump"

The paper's newest gloomy economics reporter sees hardship in slipping sales of crab meat.

Economics Reporter Sniffs at U.S. Consumerism, Harkens Back to 80s "Age of Greed"

Peter Goodman revives a golden oldie in his dismissive take on American spending habits: "The Me Decade was declared dead in the recession of the early 1980s, only to yield to the Age of Greed and ...
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