MSNBC Anchor Touts Journalist Who Compared Palin to Larry the Cable Guy: 'It Is a Good Line'

MSNBC's Peter Alexander on Friday eagerly agreed with a journalist who attacked Sarah Palin as "Larry the Cable Guy, minus the class and intelligence." Talking to Cathy Areu, contributing editor ...

NBC's Todd: Palin Will Attract 'Car-Wreck Watchers;' All Call Palin Decision 'Bizarre'

Sarah Palin's "bombshell" announcement that she will resign as Governor of Alaska trumped Michael Jackson as the lead on the ABC, CBS and NBC evening newscasts Friday as NBC's Chuck Todd predicted ...

Media Irked by Bachus' 'Socialist' Label; Ignores Double Standard

Bachus rebuked on MSNBC for claims of 17 socialists in the House of Reps, despite recent Newsweek cover claiming 'We're All Socialist Now.'
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