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Peter Alexander

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NBC Hypes 'Damage' to GOP in Shutdown, Ignores Obama Approval at 37 Percent

Wrapping up a report on the government shutdown for Thursday's NBC Today, White House correspondent Peter Alexander eagerly promoted negative political fallout for Republicans: "Both parties ...
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NBC Touts Obama 'Sticking to His Guns' on Budget While His Minions Bash 'Irresponsible' GOP

In a dramatically one-sided report on Monday's NBC Today about the government shutdown, White House correspondent Peter Alexander declared: "President Obama is sticking to his guns, demanding ...
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NBC Creates Twitter Meme to Bash Congress During Government Shutdown

In an effort to insulate President Obama from criticism during the government shutdown and focus all blame on members of Congress, NBC's Today created the Twitter topic #DearCongress to provide ...
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Networks Ignore John Kerry's Refusal To Let Benghazi Survivors Testify to Congress

The Big Three network morning shows on Wednesday briefly noted the one-year anniversary of the Islamist attack on the U.S. compound in Benghazi, Libya, but not one pointed out the latest ...
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NBC Suddenly Gets Tough on Clintons In Wake of Hillary Biopic Controversy

Perhaps in response to the backlash against a planned miniseries on Hillary Clinton, Thursday's NBC Today aired an unusually critical story about the "chaos" at the Clinton Foundation and the ...
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NBC: 'Republican Family Feud' Between Christie and Paul 'Exposed Deep Divisions' in GOP

After a tease of upcoming coverage of the Anthony Weiner sex scandal, on Wednesday's NBC Today, co-host Matt Lauer tried to make the news of political controversy bipartisan:  "Republicans ...
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NBC Reporter Gushes: Gay Marriage Rulings 'Very Personally Satisfying' for Obama

Reporting from the White House lawn during NBC's live coverage of the Supreme Court's rulings in favor of gay marriage on Wednesday, correspondent Peter Alexander touted how the decisions were ...
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NBC Touts Christie at Clinton Global Initiative While Other GOPers Address 'Religious Conservatives'

During a fawning report on Hillary Clinton's "first time kicking off the Clinton Global Initiative" on Friday's NBC Today, White House correspondent Peter Alexander also cheered the "double ...
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NBC Celebrates 'Hillary Clinton 3.0' at Global Initiative, Showing 'No Signs of Wear'

In a report for Friday's NBC Today, White House correspondent Peter Alexander gushed over Hillary Clinton speaking at the Clinton Global Initiative: "Call it Hillary Clinton 3.0." A sound bite ...
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NBC and CBS Tout Obama Efforts to Distract from Scandals, Show 'Government at Its Best'

Leading off a report on Tuesday's NBC Today about President Obama's trip to survey recovery efforts along New Jersey's shoreline after Hurricane Sandy, White House correspondent Peter ...
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