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'Robin Hood Tax' Gains Support of Soros, Moyers, Tides and Media

 OWS promotes 'tax on rich corporations' supported by dozens of liberal groups. 
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Media's Heavy-Handed Liberals Race to Exploit Hurricane Tragedy

Like ambulance-chasing lawyers, the heavy-handed liberal activists who populate much of the media raced to exploit Hurricane Sandy even as the storm was lashing the East Coast on Monday night, ...
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Moyers & Company Attacks Conservative Organization, Promotes Liberal Group

Moyers substitute gives Color of Change tax-payer funded platform to bash ALEC
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Moyers Documentary Slams Conservatives, Pushes Soros-Funded group

30-minuted program urges businesses to drop ALEC, fund liberal organization.
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NYT's Mackey Puzzled by Romney's Attack on Sesame Street, Which Is 'Well-Respected' in France and Brazil

The Times' Lede blogger Robert Mackey gets unusually worked up in his defense of Big Bird and his disdain for voters who consider it a drain on the Treasury. It's popular in Brazil, for one thing: ...
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Journalists Decry ‘Threat’ to PBS from Romney for ‘Targeting’ Big Bird, Rally to Defense of PBS Subsidy

Liberals, Peggy Noonan noted on Sunday’s This Week roundtable, want Mitt Romney “to be more specific so that you can rouse people against” budget cuts to any program. Indeed, earlier in the ...
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CNN Keeps Hyping Romney's Proposed PBS Cuts, PBS Host Calls It 'Attack on Children'

CNN continued to hype Big Bird as a key debate issue on Friday morning's Starting Point as Soledad O'Brien brought on PBS "Reading Rainbow" host Lavar Burton who laid into Mitt Romney's ...
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Norah O'Donnell Jabs Romney on Big Bird Line: 'Silly Thing to Bring Up'

On Thursday's CBS This Morning, just hours after Mitt Romney's "crisp" debate performance, Norah O'Donnell stuck to her fixation on playing up the Republican's supposed negatives. O'Donnell ...
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Norah O'Donnell Thinks Obama Left 'Greatest Hits' on 'Cutting Room Floor'

CBS's Norah O'Donnell said President Obama left his "greatest hits on the cutting room floor" for Wednesday night's debate, "hits" which included "contraceptive rights" and "free mammograms" in ...
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GOP Congressman Rips CNN for 'Disservice' to Struggling Americans by Focusing on 'Big Bird'

When CNN laughably focused Thursday morning on Mitt Romney cutting funding for "Big Bird" as a key debate moment, Rep. Mario Diaz-Balart (R-Fla.) took CNN to task on Thursday for hyping such a ...
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