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Paul Ryan

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Biden's the Gaffe King, Not Ryan

Joe Biden can put Dan Quayle to shame in making mindless statements. He is a walking embarrassment to Barack Obama.
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Weisman Cheers on Prospects of Ryan-Bashing Democrats in Congress for New York Times

New York Times congressional correspondent Jonathan Weisman sounds as confident about Democratic chances as the Democrats he's covering: "One Republican political consultant working on House and ...
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NBC Falsely Claims Paul Ryan 'Played Fast and Loose With the Truth'

At the top of Tuesday's NBC Today, co-host Savannah Guthrie teased an upcoming interview with Paul Ryan by slamming the Republican vice presidential candidate: "Paul Ryan joins us to talk ...
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Networks Grill Paul Ryan, Tout Joe Biden as a Policy Expert

The hosts of the three network morning shows on Tuesday grilled Paul Ryan, questioning the Republican's facts and citing Joe Biden as a policy expert. Former Democratic operative turned ...
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Anti-Catholic Media Claim Paul Ryan is not Catholic Enough

Catholic doctrine suddendly of paramount importance to liberal journalists.
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Desperate Media Scramble to Call Paul Ryan a Liar Ignores the Facts

Immediately after Paul Ryan concluded his acceptance speech for the Republican Party's vice presidential nomination on Wednesday, the media sought ways to tear down the Wisconsin Congressman's ...
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NYT's Calmes Elevates Liberal 'Fact-Checking': GOP 'Falsehoods' Have 'Reached a Level Not Typically Seen'

Times reporter Jackie Calmes elevates the slanted "fact checkers" of the liberal press in their fight to frame Romney and Ryan as liars: "The partisan operative’s critique was harsh even by the ...
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New York Times News Headline: 'Ryan's Speech Contained a Litany of Falsehoods'

Yet another partisan media "fact check" of the main speeches at the Republican National Convention, inititally heralded in the New York Times under the ridiculously slanted headline: "Ryan's ...
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Todd Claims Ryan ‘Distorted the Truth,’ But Must Concede Ryan ‘Technically Factual’; Williams Obsesses on Rape Exception

NBC News demonstrated again Thursday night it has become little more than the more-watched broadcast arm of MSNBC, advancing the same left-wing attacks on conservatives as first trotted out on ...
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Reporter Turned NY Times Editor Firestone Rips Ryan: 'Intellectual Dishonesty Is Compounded By Cowardice'

New York Times reporter turned editorial board member David Firestone lashes out at Paul Ryan's speech at the Republican National Convention: "An army of fact-checkers swarmed around Paul ...
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