ABC Frets Obama's 'Pro-Peace Efforts & Statements' Are 'Overshadowed' by Israeli Raid

On ABC's World News, correspondent Jim Sciutto fretted that the recent Israeli naval raid will undermine President Obama's "pro-peace efforts" toward the Muslim world: "A public outpouring like ...

Example of Israeli 'Force' Over Palestinians: Checkpoints To Combat Terrorism?

Does Jerusalem Bureau Chief Ethan Bronner really think the success of checkpoints designed to stop Palestinian terrorists "is a dark truth" and an example of "force" over diplomacy?

Times Soft-Pedals Palestinian Conference Paying Paranoid Tribute to Terrorist Arafat

A Times photo caption pays nauseating tribute to terrorist Yasir Arafat, the subject of a Fatah conference in Bethlehem: "A mural of Yasir Arafat smiled upon Gaza City, and his spirit dominated ...

Israel "Finally" Coming Around "Grudgingly" to Palestinian State

Israel not giving in to demands for Palestinian statehood quick enough for Times reporter Isabel Kershner.

NBC's Brokaw Suggests Israelis Acting Like Nazis vs. Palestinians

Talk about moral equivalency run amok. On Friday, NBC's Tom Brokaw asked President Obama two questions about his upcoming trip to Buchenwald, a Nazi death camp: First, what lessons does Obama ...

Neil MacFarquhar, Still Taking Sides in the Middle East

Reporter Neil MacFarquhar sneaks in his trademark Palestinian advocacy in a story about Susan Rice's Senate confirmation hearings.

The Times' Middle East "Experts" All Lean Against Israel

Mark Landler employed emotional rhetoric while painting the U.S. as a knee-jerk proponent of whatever Israel does: "All agree that with Gaza in flames, the United States needs to make a renewed ...

Leaving Out Israel's Side of the Story

As Israel's incursion into Gaza continued, a headline in Wednesday's print edition left no room for doubt who was to blame for a tragic loss of civilian life.

Keller Suggests "Some Resemblance" Between Israel and South African Apartheid

Executive Editor Bill Keller: " is not wrong to see some resemblance to South Africa in the way Israelis drew up Palestinian homelands that serve Israeli interests while leaving the ...

More Middle East Moral Equivalency from the NYT

The Times reverts to old habits as another round of peace talks get under way, blaming Israel for recalcitrance and glossing over Palestinian terrorism.
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