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Entertainment News Bashes Conservative Actress Stacey Dash

It’s not Dash but Access Hollywood, E! trolls who are ‘clueless.’
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Hollywood Millionaire Demands Equal Pay at Oscars

Patricia Arquette uses acceptance speech to demand ‘wage equality,’ and equal rights for women.
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Was Clancy too Conservative for an Oscar Mention?

Author who made Hollywood millions snubbed in remembrance segment.
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Matthew McConaughey Thanks God for Oscar

McConaughey shows gratitude to God after winning Best Actor.
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Nod to Life: Best Supporting Actor Thanks Single, High School Dropout Mom

Jared Leto's Oscar acceptance speech wins universal praise.
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Oscar Disconnect: Top Box Office Movies Earned 4x More than Nominated Movies

Two thirds of Americans have never even seen a 2014 Best Picture nominee.
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ABC Pushes Anti-Catholic 'Philomena' as a 'Touching,' 'True' 'Winner'

Good Morning America's Bianna Golodrygra on Thursday pushed the anti-Catholic film Philomena as a "touching" "true story." The ABC journalist spun the movie as largely uncontroversial and a "clear ...
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Christian Film Blacklisted at Oscars: CBS Sidesteps Controversy Over Revoking of Nomination

CBS This Morning on Thursday ignored the larger issue behind the blacklisting of a small Christian film that had its Oscar nomination revoked. Talking to Bruce Broughton, the man who wrote the ...
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The Hollywood Reporter: DeGeneres Hosting Oscars to Appease Women, Gays

Oscar looking to change ‘old white man’s club’ label.
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NY Times Misses the Point on Michelle Obama's Intrusive, Politicized 'Star Turn' on Oscar Night

New York Times reporter Jennifer Steinhauer missed the point in her take on Michelle Obama's "star turn" on Oscar night: "...the question of whether it was proper or dignified or awesome for ...
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