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Don't Even Read My Piece, I'm Irrelevant

No one cares what people like me think when it comes to criticizing Obama, says reporter Adam Nagourney talking about the pundits' reaction to Obama's underwhelming Oval Office speech: "But so ...

Mother Jones' Corn Says BP Oil Spill Great for Democrats

Liberal magazine reporter explains portraying GOP as pro-BP will score Dems electoral points

Tea Party Activists: Just Shills for Oil Spills?

Frank Rich exposes the Tea Party as corporate shills: "The spill's sole positive benefit has been to unambiguously expose the hard right, for all its populist pandering to the Tea Partiers, as a ...

ABC Focuses Oil Spill Blame on BP and Coast Guard, Not Obama; CBS Gives President 'C' for Response

On Thursday's Good Morning America on ABC, co-host George Stephanopoulos laid blame on BP and Coast Guard Admiral Thad Allen for mishandling the Gulf oil spill response but depicted the Obama ...

Bush's 'Unforgivable Sin' Sounds a Bit Like Obama's Suggestion to Hit the Beach

"George W. Bush could have called the country to a grand, important new undertaking in which everyone sacrificed personal or regional advantage for the common good. The fact that he only told us ...

Double Shock: ABC Shows Residents Panning Obama Speech; Net's Focus Group Actually Praised Bush Post-Katrina

ABC's Sam Champion presented Gulf coast reaction to President Obama's oil spill speech, and surprisingly found three critics and no outright defenders. Back in 2005, ABC's correspondent seemed ...

MSNBC Panel Slams Obama Speech; Matthews: May 'Barf' if More 'Ludicrous' Mentions of Nobel Prize

On a special edition of Tuesday's Countdown show on MSNBC which aired after President Obama's address to the nation, the panel of Keith Olbermann, Chris Matthews and Howard Fineman were not ...

The Times Admires Obama's War Footing Against the Oil Spill

Peter Baker: "Evoking the spirit and language of predecessors who used the same setting to send troops into harm's way, Mr. Obama cast the effort to cap a well as part of the American ...

The Un-friendliest President

Obama needs to read some Dale Carnegie.

Psycho Talk: MSNBC's Schultz Calls for Obama to Act 'Like a Dictator' -- Twice

Host of 'The Ed Show' says it is time for BP to make the citizens of the United States 'whole, whole again and whole for a long time.'
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