Former Food Writer Provides Post-Election Comfort Food for Liberals

Kim Severson: Unlike the 2008 election, when liberals celebrated the politics of hope and change to address the country's problems and some conservatives began to embrace what would become the Tea ...

ABC: Boehner 'May Actually Meet With a Man Who's Dressed Up in a Nazi Uniform'

On Saturday's Good Morning America, ABC's David Kerley not only asserted that House Republican Leader John Boehner "may" meet with a controversial Republican congressional nominee who has a ...

President May Want to Fix Your State, Too

Obama should apply his indignation over state laws equally.

Times Touts White House's Official Health-Care Victim Two Days Running

For the second day in a row, the Times highlighted a health-care anecdote that Obama wanted highlighted - the sad story of Ohio resident Natoma Canfield, Obama's poster woman for victims of rising ...

Times Bashes Birthers & Blames Limbaugh, But Gave 9-11 Truthers Respect

And don't forget to blame Rush Limbaugh for spreading the anti-Obama "birther" story.

Times Downplays Possible Ohio Vote Fraud, Fears "Widespread Problems" at Polls

A move by Ohio Republicans to halt possible vote fraud is spun by the Times: "Court Ruling May Impede Thousands of Ohio Voters."

Clueless in Obama Nation

On Sunday, at Hocking College in Nelsonville, Ohio, Sen. Obama promoted homosexual legal civil unions in answer to a question posed by a pastor, and then threw out this challenge: If people find ...

Can You Call Barack Obama "Hussein"? Depends Who's Sayin' It

The Times jumps on a talk radio host for saying Barack Obama's middle name three times - but the Times' own columnists have used it as well.

Give It Up, GOP

"The omens in the poll were almost uniformly grim for the president and his party."

Jumping on Old Left-Wing Allegations of "Voting Irregularities" in Ohio

The Times fails to disclose the far-left ideology of the conspiracy theorists who claim voting irregularities in the presidential vote count in Ohio last election.
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