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NBC: Obesity 'No Longer a Question of Individual Responsibility,' Government Must Act

Touting new recommendations from an Institute of Medicine panel on obesity on Tuesday's NBC Nightly News, science correspondent Robert Bazell proclaimed to viewers: "...a sea change in how we ...
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Michelle Obama Not Just Fashion Star But "Potent" Political Weapon Who Strikes "Common Chord"

Mark Landler heaps praise on the First Lady, down-to-earth role model and politico extraordinaire: "The trip is a timely reminder of why the Obama campaign views her as such a potent weapon." She ...
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This Thanksgiving, Media Still Stuffed with Food Police Message

Media outlets maintain tradition with anti-obesity reporting heavy on calls for food regulation, taxation, with a side of shaming the overweight.

NBC 'Today' Panelists Literally Applaud 'Fat Tax' on Food

As co-host Matt Lauer reported Denmark implementing a "fat tax" on certain foods during the "Today's Professionals" panel on Tuesday's NBC Today, advertising executive Donny Deutsch and NBC chief ...

CBS Food Police Go After 'Cereal Offenders,' Fret Over Cartoon Characters 'Targeting' Kids

On Tuesday's CBS Early Show, contributor Taryn Winter Brill touted a new University of Pennsylvania study on the influence of breakfast cereal cartoon characters on children: "Previous research ...

More Calm, Objective Biz Reporting: 'As the Nation's Obesity Crisis Continues Unabated...'

This is a news story? Reporter Andrew Martin: "As the nation's obesity crisis continues unabated...Many Americans eat too many calories every day, expanding their waistlines and imperiling their ...

CBS Warns: Food Industry Must Reduce Salt Content or 'Face Regulation'

Teasing an upcoming story on new federal dietary guidelines on Monday's CBS Evening News, fill-in anchor Harry Smith announced: "The assault on salt. Chances are you are eating too much of it." ...

CBS Plays Food Police, Touts ObamaCare Counting Calories

On Tuesday's CBS Evening News, correspondent Michelle Miller lectured Americans on their diet: "According to Consumer Reports Health, many Americans are simply deluding themselves, most say they ...

WaPo Editor Shocked by Opposition to No Radish Left Behind

Op-ed blasts conservatives questioning role of government in nutrition.

CBS's Plante: Palin Starts A 'Food Fight,' Takes 'Pot Shot' At Michelle Obama

In a report at the top of the 8AM ET hour of Tuesday's CBS Early Show, senior White House correspondent Bill Plante ridiculed Sarah Palin for daring to criticize First Lady Michelle Obama's weight ...
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