NBC Frets Over Filling Kennedy's 'Void,' Skips How He and Democrats Created It

With "Filling the VOID" as the on-screen heading, Monday's NBC Nightly News, without any consideration for how Massachusetts Democrats blocked the Governor's interim appointment power, fretted ...

PBS's Moyers: Forget Compromise on ObamaCare, Defeat Would 'Reinvigorate' Democratic Party

Former White House press secretary says president would be better served going down swinging than reach any deal that would better health care.

ABC Touts Democratic 'Battle Cry' to 'Win One for Teddy' on Health

ABC displayed "Battle Cry" on screen as anchor Charles Gibson teased Thursday's World News: "Health care reformers hope to win one for Teddy, but the opposition is largely unmoved." Gibson ...

NBC Exploits Kennedy to Push ObamaCare: 'National Sorrow Has Created Political Momentum Before'

Proffering "national sorrow has created political momentum before," Wednesday's NBC Nightly News devoted a story to hope Ted Kennedy's passing will propel ObamaCare to victory. Brian Williams ...

Newsweek Editor Plays Psychiatrist -- Links Health Care Opponents to Saddam-9/11 Theorists

Magazine's Sharon Begley rationalizes a large part of opposition to ObamaCare is from a distortion of 'mental processes.'

Health Care Co-ops: Just another Public Option

National media ignore Reid, Baucus' co-op comparisons to government plan and similarities to HillaryCare.

HBO's Maher: Americans too 'Stupid' so President Should Force ObamaCare into Law

'Real Time' host on health care battle says Sen. Baucus 'Needs to wake up tomorrow with an intern's head in his bed.'

Times Turnaround? Concerns Over "Death Panels" Suddenly Not So Outlandish

A week after the Times declared concern over health-care rationing under Obama's reforms a "false" idea spread by conservative conspiracists, health care reporter Robert Fear says those "concerns ...

ABC Manages to Find 'Glass Half Full' for Obama on Health as His Polls Fall

ABC on Friday night made clear how President Obama is losing favor on health, but Kate Snow still saw a "glass half full" view: "It's not all bad news for the President...if you look at the glass ...

Time Mag's Halperin on CNN: Lack of Universal Coverage 'Immoral'

"We're the only industrialized democracy that doesn't cover every citizen" and "that is immoral," Mark Halperin, editor-at-large and senior political analyst for Time magazine where he oversees ...
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