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Nothing to See: Only ABC Mentions the Hundreds of Billions ObamaCare Will Add to Deficit

NBC and CBS completely skipped a new report indicating that Barack Obama's health care law will add hundreds of billions of dollars to the national debt. ABC's Good Morning America on Tuesday ...
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Conservative Legal Scholar Confronts CNN's Toobin for Defending Obama

On Thursday night's Anderson Cooper 360, CNN's legal analyst Jeffrey Toobin was confronted by Jay Sekulow of the American Center for Law and Justice over his defense of President Obama's ...

As People Disregard Information, the Best Liar Will Win

 Who benefits most from an ignorant electorate? 

NYT Front-Page Fret: 'Health Law At Risk;' Quotes Tilted 9-1 in Favor of Unpopular ObamaCare

New York Times reporters Reed Abelson and Katie Thomas feared for the consequences of a world without Obama-care on Saturday's front page: "A Health Law At Risk Gives Insurers Pause." The ...
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ObamaCare Unconstitutional? That's Crazy Talk!

Journalists scoff at the idea that the Supreme Court might find ObamaCare violates the Constitution, saying it's a "really weak" argument limited to only a "really hardcore" minority in the legal ...
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Embarrassing Conduct by Schieffer: Cues Up Biden to Pontificate, But Argues with Gingrich

An embarrassing performance Sunday for CBS’s Bob Schieffer in the debut of the new hour-long format for Face the Nation. At least he should be embarrassed by the contrast in how he played ...
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Sunday Guests Fret Public Naivete on ObamaCare Benefits as Friedman Blames Poor Communication

Reeling from the possibility the Supreme Court might undermine ObamaCare, two members in good standing of the liberal media elite, both with the New York Times, took to the Sunday shows to ...
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Chris Matthews: I Was 'Totally Unprepared' for 'Prospect' of ObamaCare Being 'Ripped Down'

How detached is Chris Matthews from the rest of the country? The Hardball host on Thursday appeared bewildered as he conceded to being "totally unprepared" for the prospect that Obamacare ...
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Nothing to See Here: Anderson Cooper and Piers Morgan Barely Mention ObamaCare's Rough Time In Court

CNN's own legal analyst described the Supreme Court hearings on ObamaCare as a "trainwreck" for the Obama administration, but prime-time hosts Anderson Cooper and Piers Morgan made only two ...
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Nothing to See Here: ABC Totally Skips Any Mention of Obamacare's Bad Day in Court

The Obama administration suffered another bad day in the Supreme Court, Wednesday, leading many to wonder if all of the President's health care law will be entirely scrapped. ABC's Good ...
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